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General[edit | edit source]

  • Prometheus Updates
    • Recharge time is still 10 minutes, but set cooldown will be 5 minutes.
      • Note, set cooldown starts as soon as you activate one of the 3 powers, so you effectively always have access to a MVAM power within 5 minutes, just not always the same one.
    • Changed Boff seating on Multi-Vector Advanced Escort to (you will need to acquire a new Multi-Vector Advanced Escort to see these Boff seat changes):
      • En Tact
      • Lt Tact
      • Cm Tact
      • Lt Eng
      • Lt Cm Sci
    • The Multi -Vector Assault Module can also be slotted into the Advanced Escort - in case you don’t like the above BOff configuration.
    • Reduced the amount of HP and Shield health you lose when entering MVAM.
    • Reduced HP and Shield on Pets - to compensate for the added HP and Shield to yourself, and also to make the pets more desirable targets in PvP.
    • Your pets will now inherit your ship name in the HUD, to further confuse your foes in PvP
      • its not perfect. For instance, your pets don’t display our captain's name, but we are working on making it better
    • MVAM no longer disengages when you activate Mask Energy Signature or Ramming Speed.
    • When in MVAM, and one of your other MVAM powers become available, you will not be able to activate the other until you deactivate the first. This will prevent and ugly/weird graphical issues of your ship separating while it is still recombining.
    • Fixed/Updated some tooltips for MVAM powers and item.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • When you enter MVAM, any ships targeting you do not lose you as a target
  • All art issues still persist for this push

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