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General[edit | edit source]

  • Empty rows in the ship selection window will no longer display an "invalidentityname" tooltip.
  • Updated the "Maximum starships" tooltip in the C-Store to be more informative
  • A minor typo in Klingon Destroyer skill has been resolved.
  • The research UI will now display how many of each item you can 'buy'.
  • All Klingon Tier 5 skills have been updated to say "Klingon General" instead of "Klingon Admiral".
  • The bug that prevented some players from swapping between their regular and offduty costumes outside of the tailor has been resolved.
  • The maximum possible number of items the player can create of a selected item in the crafting store is now displayed.
  • The case where players would join a chat channel when they weren't supposed to has been resolved

UGC[edit | edit source]

  • Space encounter groups will no longer spawn on top of each other in UGC preview or published mode.
  • Ship costumes will now be appropriately applied in UGC.
  • You will now get a new messages for "your old project has been withdrawn" in UGC.
  • Pop up prompts now work correctly on memory alpha ugc missions.
  • Klingon faction players are required to complete the mission Honor Bound before they can play UGC missions
  • The issue that caused searching for Community Authored content to stop working has been resolved.

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