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Trait: Visual Dampening Field

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Trait: Visual Dampening Field

Visual Dampening Field is a player character ground reputation trait.

This trait is only available for player characters.

Basic information[edit source]

Detailed information[edit | edit source]

Release a field of particulate matter into the air, disrupting your enemy's ability to target you and your allies. Enemies within the field are Confused, and may fire at random targets. Allies present when the field is deployed are Cloaked, preventing enemies from seeing them. Continuing to attack while Cloaked can give away your position, letting enemies target you again.

  • Friends within Field at time of Activation are Cloaked for 15 sec
    (Outgoing Damage may break Cloak)
  • Creates a Visual Dampening Field at current location for 15 sec which Confuses Foes within.