Trait: Tumultuous

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Trait: Tumultuous

Tumultuous is a player character ground trait.

This trait is only available for player characters.

    Detailed information[edit | edit source]

    Double the chance for Threatening Posture to gain stacks and double the max stacks per second you can receive. While Threatening Posture is inactive, decreases threat generation by an additional 50%.

    • Doubles Threatening Posture chance to gain stacks
    • Doubles Threatening Posture max stacks gained per sec
    • Increases threat reduction by an additional 50% when Threatening Posture is not active

    Obtaining[edit | edit source]

    Trait: Tumultuous is obtained through the [Genetic Resequencer - Ground Trait: Tumultuous] pack, which is a random reward of the Tzenkethi Lock Box icon.pngCommon icon.png [Tzenkethi Lock Box]. It can be found on the Exchange in the "Reward Packs" tab by searching for "Tumultuous".