Trait: Repulsive

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Repulsive icon.png

Repulsive is an in-game Starship Trait.

This trait gives bonuses in Space if slotted into an Active Starship Trait slot.

Basic information[edit | edit source]

  • Game Description: After activating Engineering/Command bridge officer ability - to nearest foe within 3km, and up to 2 other foes in 45-degree arc:
    • __ Physical Damage and __ Repel
    • After triggering, may not occur again for 10 sec

Detailed information[edit | edit source]

Activating any Engineering or Command Bridge Officer Ability will cause your ship to initiate a massive repel wave targeting the nearest enemy starship within 3km. This causes some Physical Damage (ignores shields) and will push that foe and up to 2 other nearby enemy ships a good distance away from your vessel. Once triggered, there is a 10 second lockout. If there are no valid foes within 3km, it will not trigger the lockout.

This trait is a Tier V Starship Mastery of the:[edit | edit source]