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Trait: Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare

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Trait: Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare

Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare is a player character space reputation trait.

This trait is only available for player characters.

Basic information[edit source]

Detailed information[edit | edit source]

Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare creates a patch of volatile electricity at the target, which damages and root foes. Any foe who moves into the snare will be slowed. All targets caught in the snare will receive electrical burns,which deals damage over time. All Damage from Piezo-Electric Perimeter Snare partially ignore shields

Creates a Bio-Electric Perimeter Snare for 10 Seconds

  • 188 Electrical Damage (50% Shield Penetration)

(+25% damage to Electronics)

  • Roots target
  • -66% Run Speed
  • Target is afflicted with Electrical Burn:
    • 67.6 Electrical Damage every 1 sec for 23.5 sec

(+25% damage to Electronics) 10% Chance to Expose.