Trait: Photographic Memory/boff

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Trait: Photographic Memory/boff

Photographic Memory is a bridge officer space trait.

Are you looking for the player character version of this trait?

Basic information[edit source]

  • Game description: Space Trait. Cardassians are well known for their photographic memory and mental strength. By memorizing a training manual, Cardassian Bridge Officers are in a constant state of combat readiness, insreasing Starships Weapon Damage, Accuracy, and Defense. These bonuses stack for each active Cardassian Bridge Officer, as their coordinated efficiency reinforces the total strength of the crew.
  • Species that will always have the trait: Cardassian

Detailed Information[edit | edit source]

Photographic Memory

+1.5% Weapon Damage
+1.5 Accuracy Rating
+1.5 Defense Rating
Cardassian Required