Trait: Perfectionist/doff

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Trait: Perfectionist/doff

Perfectionist is a duty officer trait.

This trait is only available for duty officers.

Affected assignments

The following assignments are benefited by duty officers with this trait:

The following assignments are hampered by duty officers with this trait:

Available perfectionist duty officers[edit | edit source]

To add missing duty officers, please use the duty officer form.
Duty officers who are Perfectionist and:
AggressiveCold BloodedCongenialCunningDominion FugitiveEfficientEidetic MemoryEmotionalFounders of the FederationFree-ThinkerHonorableLogicalPeacefulPhotonicResilientResolveSeductiveShroudSpiritualStubbornTactfulTeamworkTelekinesisTelepathicUnrulyUnscrupulous
Only duty officers of blue quality or better are listed below.
Name Species R&D Rank Spec Additional traits
United Federation of Planets
||| Mipupes Krenim School - Cannons Icon.png Senior Chief Specialist Doff dept Starfleet Science.png Development CunningCunning EfficientEfficient LogicalLogical UnscrupulousUnscrupulous