Trait: Drone Summon Passive/boff

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Trait: Drone Summon Passive/boff

Drone Summon Passive is a bridge officer ground trait.

This trait is only available for bridge officers.

Basic information

  • Game description: Ground Trait. This ability creates a small mobile drone that will hunt down and attack nearby enemies.
  • Species that can have the trait: Photonic

Detailed Information

Create Photonic Drone

Applies Create Holographic Combat Drone every 2 sec
which creates a level 51 Holographic Combat Drone
with Tetryon Beam and Frequency Remodulation abilities.
Photonic Possible


  • This drone will be summoned and will attack enemies even if the bridge officer is set to passive mode. The officer will attempt to have one active at all times.
  • This drone has a very long engagement range, having been observed to target and close in on enemies over 80 meters away.
  • This drone does not appear to have an expiration time (over 7 minutes active observed) and will be re-summoned if damaged, destroyed, or otherwise missing, or simply after a period of time by the officer.