Trait: Down But Not Out/Info

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Down But Not Out/Info is a Starship Trait from the Faction FED25.pngKelvin Constitution Heavy Command Cruiser, Faction FED-Allies.pngKelvin Constitution Legendary Intel Battlecruiser, Faction KDF.png[Starship Trait Unlock - Down But Not Out / Highly Specialized (Klingon)], Faction Romulan Republic.png[Starship Trait Unlock - Down But Not Out / Standoff (Romulan)]

Max Subsystem Power Increases as Health Decreases.

(Note: No sources of +MaxPower stack; only the highest bonus will apply.)
  • Bonus starts at 80% Hull and reaches max potential at 20% Hull
  • Up to 20 All Subsystem Power Max, increasing as Hull Percent decreases