Trait: Delphic Phasing/Info

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Delphic Phasing/Info is a Starship Trait from the Faction Khitomer.pngSphere Builder Edoulg Science Vessel.

Criticals grant +Energy Res, Delayed Immunity.

When you critically hit gain 1 stack of Partial Delphic Phasing (once per 2 seconds)
  • Self+ +5 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating per stack of Partial Delphic Phasing for 15 sec (Max 10 stacks)
  • At 10 stacks of Partial Delphic Phasing:
    • Self: Immunity to All Energy Damage for 5 sec
    • Self: Clears all stacks of Partial Delphic Phasing and prevents new stacks for 45 sec