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Trait: Cyclical Power Capacitors

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Trait: Cyclical Power Capacitors

Cyclical Power Capacitors is a player character space trait.

This trait is only available for player characters.

Basic information[edit source]

  • Game description: Drain Expertise after using Energy drain or Shield Drain Bridge Officer.

Detailed information[edit | edit source]

Each time an Energy Drain or Shield Drain Bridge Officer ability is activated,you will gain a boost to Starship Drain Expertise skills. This skill buffs stacks up to 5 times, and refreshes with each additional stack. The following science powers are classified as Drain Bridge Officer abilities:

Enhances specific powers

  • When you use Energy Drain or Shield Drain Bridge Officer abilities, gain +10 Drain Expertise for 20sec (Stacks up to 5 times)

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Trait: Cyclical Power Capacitors is obtained through the [Genetic Resequencer - Space Trait: Cyclical Power Capacitors] pack, which is a random reward of the Privateer Lock Box icon.pngCommon icon.png [Privateer Lock Box].