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Timeline of Star Trek Online

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See also Chronology for an overview over the fictional history of Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online launched on February 2, 2010 and has had many updates and fixes along the way. The following is a comprehensive listing of the major additions and changes.

For missions, only non-random generated content like episodes and daily missions are included. For the C-Store, only ships and species are included.

Star Trek Online-Legacy of Romulus[edit | edit source]

Date Universal Faction Specific
Season Zero: Post-Launch
Feb 2 2010 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store): Playable Ferengi and Klingon
Feb 11 2010 Mark of Honor icon.png Mark of Honor currency for max-rank PvP dailies Faction Starfleet.png Access to Gamma Orionis and B'Tran Cluster for levels 43+
Faction Starfleet.png Borg Front episodes: “Collateral Damage”, “Asset Recovery”, “State of Q”
Faction Starfleet.png Mark of Exploration icon.png Mark of Exploration currency for max-rank exploration (B'Tran Cluster)
Mar 2 2010 Tribble test server added
Mar 4 2010 Special Task Force: “Infected” Faction Klingon.png Access to Gamma Orionis for levels 43+
Mark of Valor Mark of Valor currency for STFs
Feb 11 2010 Mark of Honor icon.png Mark of Honor currency for max-rank PvP dailies Faction Starfleet.png Access to Gamma Orionis and B'Tran Cluster for levels 43+
Faction Starfleet.png Borg Front episodes: “Collateral Damage”, “Asset Recovery”, “State of Q”
Faction Starfleet.png Mark of Exploration icon.png Mark of Exploration currency for max-rank exploration (B'Tran Cluster)
Mar 2 2010 Tribble test server added
Mar 4 2010 Special Task Force: “Infected” Faction Klingon.png Access to Gamma Orionis for levels 43+
Mark of Valor Mark of Valor currency for STFs
Season One: Common Ground
Mar 24 2010 Skill respec added Faction Starfleet.png PvP: FvF Added
Special Task Force: “The Cure” Faction Klingon.png Ship: K'Tanco Battle Cruiser
Captain's Table access for lifetime subscribers Faction Starfleet.png Off-duty outfits
PvP: Ground assault map Shanty Town Faction Starfleet.png Fleet action: “DS9 under Siege!”
Fleet action: “The Big Dig” Faction Klingon.png Fleet Action: “Breaking the Planet” and “Crystalline Catastrophe” added
PvP: Ground war zone Otha System Faction Klingon.png PvP: Ground war zone Qay'ghun System
Skills: Combat Maneuvers, Starship Attack Vectors, Starship Battle Strategy Faction Klingon.png Omega Leonis Star Clusters: T'Ong Nebula, D'kel Star Cluster, Eridon Nebula, Azlesa Expanse
Hub: Drozana Station Faction Klingon.png Stores for Mark of Exploration
Stores for Mark of Valor
New stances: Relaxed, Stern
Mar 25 2010 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store): Playable Tellarite
Apr 13 2010 Special Task Force: “Khitomer Accord”
Apr 29 2010 Difficulty mode: Normal, Advanced, and Elite Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store): Playable Pakled
Injury system
Space combat: Autofire for all weapons
Apr 24 2010 Veteran Rewards: 100 Days
May 13 2010 Special Task Force: “Terradome” Faction Starfleet.png Crafting revamp: 7 areas of research
Jun 3 2010 Accolades system
Sidekick system (Squad Support)
Jun 15 2010 Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Federation Dreadnought Cruiser
Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store): Playable Caitian
Jul 2 2010 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store): Playable Rigelian
Season Two: Ancient Enemies
Jul 27 2010 Level cap raised from 45 to 51 - new ranks of Rear Admiral, Upper Half and Vice Admiral (Fed) and Major General and Lieutenant General (KDF) Faction Klingon.png Klingon Empire episodes: “Bringing Down the House”, “The House Always Wins”, “Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning”, “Keep Your Enemies Closer”, “Blood of the Empire”, “Destiny”, “Afterlife”, “The Gates of Gre'thor”
Undine Front episodes: “Assimilation”, “The Return”, “Fluid Dynamics”, “A Light in the Dark” Faction Starfleet.png Federation Diplomatic Corps - diplomatic ranks and diplomacy missions: “Ancestral Sin”, “Trade Deal”, “Standoff”, “Family Ties”, “Hostile Takeover”, “Quarantine”, “Shady Supplies”, “Taste of Home”
Ship interiors: Ready Room, Crew Deck, Engineering Deck Faction Starfleet.png Ships: Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit, Tactical Escort Retrofit
Floor and shelf trophies Faction Klingon.png Ship: Kar'Fi Battle Carrier
Pelia Sector added
“Fluidic Space Fleet Action”
Mk XI and Mk XII items added
Emblem icon.pngGold-Pressed Latinum icon.png Emblem and latinum currency
Minigames: Dabo and Waveform Modulation
Quantum Slipstream Drive
Breen added
Third Star Trek voice actor: Chase Masterson (Holo Leeta)
Aug 2 2010 Veteran Rewards: 200 Days
Aug 19 2010 PvP private queue Challenge system
Aug 26 2010 Faction Starfleet.png Ships: Advanced Heavy Cruiser, Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
Aug 28 2010 Orellius Sector Block added
Cold War Series 1: “Cold Call”
Patrol: “Aiding the Deferi (Daily)”
Sep 4 2010 Orellius Sector Block
Cold War Series 1: “Out in the Cold”
Patrol: “Rescue Deferi Captives (Daily)”
Sep 11 2010 Cold War Series 1: “Cold Comfort”
Sep 18 2010 Cold War Series 1: “Cold Case”
Sep 25 2010 Cold War Series 1: “Cold Storage”
Breen bridge officer
Oct 6 2010 Latinum trophies added
Oct 15 2010 Drozana Station revamp Faction Starfleet.png Ships: Advanced Research Vessel, Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit
Oct 16 2010 Spectres Series 2: “Skirmish”
Oct 22 2010 Faction Klingon.png Ship: Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Retrofit
Oct 23 2010 Spectres Series 2: “Spin the Wheel”
Oct 30 2010 Spectres Series 2: “What Lies Beneath”
Nov 5 2010 Patrols: “Defense Contract”, “Sh'mar - Distress Signal”, “Traelus System - Satellite Repair”, “Salvage Dispute (Repeatable)”
Nov 6 2010 Spectres Series 2: “Everything Old is New”
Nov 10 2010 Veteran Rewards: 300 Days
Nov 12 2010 NPC ships: Cardassian Hideki, Federation and Terran Empire Peregrine Fighter, Dominion Heavy Escort Faction Klingon.png Ships: B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit, Marauder Patrol Cruiser, Varanus Support Vessel
Nov 13 2010 Spectres Series 2: “Night of the Comet”
Nov 17 2010 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: NX Class Light Escort
Season Three: Genesis
Dec 9 2010 Sector space revamp Faction Klingon.png Access to Pi Canis
Crafting revamp Faction Klingon.png Access to crafting on Qo'noS
Episode replay in Ready Room Faction Klingon.png Patrols: “Pi Canis Sortie Alpha”, “Pi Canis Sortie Bravo”
Patrol: “Emancipation (Daily)”
Automatic sitting in chairs
Dec 16 2010 Faction Klingon.png Ship: Guramba Siege Destroyer
Dec 21 2010 Aegis set and Borg set
Feb 2 2011 Faction Starfleet.png Earth Spacedock revamped
Faction Starfleet.png Remastered episode: “Stranded in Space”
Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Type 8 Shuttle
Faction Klingon.png Ship: Toron Shuttle
Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Delta Class Shuttle
Faction Starfleet.png Foundry Spotlight: “The Longing”, “The Syndicate Extraction”, “Unholy Alliances, Part I”
Faction Klingon.png Foundry Spotlight: “Crouching Ty’Gokor Hidden Demon”
Feb 5 2011 Cloaked Intentions Series 3: “The Vault” Faction Klingon.png Access to Psi Velorum
Feb 9 2011 Skill Point Bonus boosts
Feb 10 2011 Faction Starfleet.png Ships: D'Kyr Science Vessel, Tal'Kyr Support Craft
Feb 12 2011 Cloaked Intentions Series 3: “Mine Enemy”
Feb 18 2011 Veteran Rewards: 400 Days Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Captain's Yacht
Faction Klingon.png Ship: DujHod Chariot
Feb 19 2011 Cloaked Intentions Series 3: “Frozen”
Feb 26 2011 Cloaked Intentions Series 3: “Coliseum”
Mar 5 2011 Cloaked Intentions Series 3: “Cutting the Cord”
Reman bridge officer
Mar 10 2011 Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Multi-Vector Advanced Escort
Mar 24 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Class F Shuttle
Mar 25 2011 Faction Starfleet.png Crafting: “Craft Delta Flyer”
Mar 28 2011 Foundry user-generated content
Apr 21 2011 Foundry: “Investigate Officer Reports (Daily)” Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Oberth Class Light Science Vessel
May 5 2011 Breen Absolute Zero set
Cold War Series 1 rerun
May 12 2011 Spectres Series 2 rerun
May 19 2011 Cloaked Intentions Series 3 rerun Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Peregrine Fighter
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: To'Duj Fighter
May 27 2011 Faction Starfleet.png Remastered episodes: “Diplomatic Orders”, “The Doomsday Device”
May 29 2011 Veteran Rewards: 500 Days
Jun 16 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store): Aenar and Caitian bridge officers
Season Four: Crossfire
Jul 7 2011 Ground combat: shooter mode, weapons revamp Faction Klingon.png First City revamped
PvE Queue for fleet actions Faction Klingon.png Access to Regulus, Alpha Centauri, Iota Pavonis, Beta Ursae, Alpha Trianguli, Zeta Andromedae
Vivox voice chat Faction Federation.png Access to Omega Leonis, T'Ong Nebula, D'kel Star Cluster, Eridon Nebula, Azlesa Expanse
Borg revamp Faction Klingon.png Gorn revamp
On demand patching
Jul 21 2011 Faction Starfleet.png Starfleet Academy
Aug 19 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Science Vessel Refit
Sep 1 2011 Borg Invasion: Deep Space Encounters
Sep 6 2011 Veteran Rewards: 600 Days
Sep 15 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Exploration Cruiser Refit
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Refit
Oct 13 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Heavy Escort Refit
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: K't'inga Battle Cruiser Refit
Nov 3 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Escort Refit, Long Range Science Vessel Refit
Nov 10 2011 Cold War Series 1 rerun, Spectres Series 2 rerun, Cloaked Intentions Series 3 rerun
Nov 17 2011 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Cruiser Refit
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Pach Raptor Refit
Season Five: Call to Arms
Dec 1 2011 Space skills revamp Faction Klingon.png Klingon Academy
Special Task Force “Infected”, “The Cure”, “Khitomer Accord” space/ground split and revamp Faction Starfleet.png M.A.C.O. (space) and M.A.C.O. (ground) sets
Omega Force (space) and Omega Force (ground) sets Faction Klingon.png Honor Guard (space) and Honor Guard (ground) sets
Refined dilithium icon.pngDilithium Ore icon.png Dilithium currency (replacing Merits, Honor, Medals, Badges of Exploration, Mark of Exploration, Mark of Honor, Mark of Valor, and Emblems) Faction Klingon.png Access to Sirius, Delta Volanis, Arucanis Arm, Hromi Cluster, Khazan Cluster, Afehirr Nebula, Eridan Belt, Rolor Nebula, Betreka Nebula, Zenas Expanse
Duty officer system Faction Klingon.png Access to Deep Space 9
Events system: Borg Invasion of Defera, Fed Mirror Universe Incursion, KDF Mirror Universe Incursion, Starfleet Academy Event, Klingon Academy Event, Tour the Universe, UGC Event, Crafting Event, Lore Event, Multiphasic Event, Crystalline Entity Event Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ships: Norgh Bird-of-Prey Refit, Qorgh Raptor Refit, Vandal Destroyer, Phalanx Science Vessel, Dacoit Flight-Deck Cruiser, Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey Refit, Scourge Destroyer, Draguas Support Vessel, Corsair Flight-Deck Cruiser
Episode replay revamp Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Tactical Escort Refit
Tutorial “Prelude to a Crisis” revamp Faction Klingon.png Lethean bridge officer
Dec 8 2011 Event: Q's Winter Wonderland
(Limited Time) Ship: Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
Dec 15 2011 Veteran Rewards: 700 Days, Android bridge officer
Jan 5 2012 Ground skills revamp and ground/space split
Free-to-play opened to previous subscribers
Jan 12 2012 Faction Klingon.png Access to B'Tran Cluster
Jan 17 2012 Free-to-play opened to all
Feb 2 2012 Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Odyssey Star Cruiser. Event: “The Odyssey Class”
Faction Starfleet.png Odyssey Cruiser Set
Faction Klingon.png Ship: Bortas Battle Cruiser. Event: “The Bortas Class”
Faction Klingon.png Bortasqu' Cruiser Set
Feb 9 2012 Lobi Crystal icon.png Lobi Crystal currency
Lock box Ship: Cardassian Galor Class Cruiser
Feb 11 2012 The 2800 Series 4: “Second Wave”
Jem'Hadar Armored Shroud ground set
Feb 16 2012 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Type-10 Shuttlecraft
Feb 18 2012 The 2800 Series 4: “Of Bajor”
Hub: Bajor
Feb 24 2012 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Yellowstone Class Runabout
Feb 25 2012 The 2800 Series 4: “Operation Gamma”
Jem'Hadar space set
Mar 3 2012 The 2800 Series 4: “Facility 4028”
Mar 10 2012 The 2800 Series 4: “Boldly They Rode”
Mar 15 2012 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ships: Odyssey Operations Cruiser, Odyssey Science Cruiser, Odyssey Tactical Cruiser
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ships: Bortasqu' Command Cruiser, Bortasqu' Tactical Cruiser, Bortasqu' War Cruiser
Mar 23 2012 Event: Dilithium Asteroid Mining
Mar 24 2012 Veteran Rewards: 800 Days
Apr 5 2012 Faction Klingon.png Klingon Empire episode: “Alpha”
Faction Starfleet.png Event: “First Contact Day”
Apr 12 2012 Reman Prototype space set
Lock box Ship: Ferengi D'Kora Marauder, Lobi store: Ferengi Na'Far
Ferengi Marauder space set
Apr 13 2012 Event: “Hearts and Minds”
Apr 19 2012 PvE Queue: “Vault Shuttle Event”
May 3 2012 Spectres Series 2 rerun Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Caitian Atrox Carrier
May 10 2012 Cloaked Intentions Series 3 rerun
May 17 2012 The 2800 Series 4 rerun Faction Klingon.png (C-Store): Playable Ferasan and Ferasan bridge officers
May 24 2012 Cold War Series 1 rerun
May 31 2012 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Stalker Stealth Fighter
Jun 7 2012 Account-shared bank
Jun 14 2012 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Heavy Escort Carrier
Jun 22 2012 (Limited time) Ship: Tuffli Class Freighter
Jul 2 2012 Veteran Rewards: 900 Days
Season Six: Under Siege
Jul 12 2012 Fleet Advancement System holding: Fleet starbase Faction Starfleet.png Ships: Aquarius Destroyer, Escort Retrofit, Fleet Advanced Escort, Fleet Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit, Fleet Aquarius Destroyer, Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel, Fleet Escort Retrofit, Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier, Fleet Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit, Fleet Patrol Escort, Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel, Fleet Research Science Vessel Retrofit, Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit, Fleet Star Cruiser, Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, Research Science Vessel Retrofit, Science Vessel Retrofit
PvE Queues: Tholian Incursion, “Colony Invasion”, “Fleet Alert”, “No Win Scenario”, “Starbase Blockade”, “Starbase Fleet Defense”, “Starbase Incursion”
Fleet MarksFleet Credits Fleet Mark and Fleet Credit currencies Faction Klingon.png Ships: Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser Retrofit, Fleet Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser Retrofit, Fleet HoH'SuS Bird-of-Prey, Fleet K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit, Fleet Negh'Var Heavy Battle Cruiser, Fleet Ning'tao Bird-of-Prey Retrofit, Fleet Qin Heavy Raptor, Fleet Scourge Destroyer Retrofit, Fleet Somraw Raptor Retrofit, Fleet Vo'Quv Carrier, Fleet Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Retrofit, Hoh'SuS Bird-of-Prey, K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit, Scourge Destroyer Retrofit, Somraw Raptor Retrofit
Expertise icon.png Expertise replacing Bridge Officer Skill Points
Tholians added
Foundry major update
Crystalline Shell ground set
Jul 19 2012 Lock box Ship: Tholian Orb Weaver, Lobi store: Tholian Recluse Carrier, Tholian Widow Fighter Faction Starfleet.png Lock box Ships: Mirror Universe Assault Cruiser, Mirror Universe Star Cruiser
Rarities: Ultra Rare, Unique Faction Klingon.png Lock box Ship: Mirror Universe Vor'cha Battle Cruiser
Aug 16 2012 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Assault Cruiser Refit
Sep 27 2012 Temporal Warfare Set Faction Starfleet.png Lock box Ship: Wells Temporal Science Vessel, Mirror Deep Space Science Vessel, Mirror Reconnaissance Science Vessel, Lobi store: Aeon Timeship, Mobius Temporal Destroyer
Faction Klingon.png Lock box Ship: Korath Temporal Science Vessel, Mirror Qin Heavy Raptor, Lobi store: Krenn Temporal Destroyer, Rozhenko Timeship
Oct 10 2012 Veteran Rewards: 1000 Days Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Chimera Heavy Destroyer
Faction Klingon.png Ship: Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer
Season Seven: New Romulus
Nov 13 2012 Fleet Advancement System holding: Fleet embassy Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ships: Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer, Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer, Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer
Personal Reputation System: Romulan Star Empire and Task Force Omega
Tau Dewa Sector Block added Faction Starfleet.png Retail Ships: Blockade Runner Escort, Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit
New Romulus zone Faction Starfleet.png Experimental Systems Set
Special Task Force: “Into the Hive” and “Hive Onslaught”
PvE Queues: “Azure Nebula Rescue”, “Mine Trap”, “The Vault: Ensnared”
Omega MarksRomulan Marks Omega Mark and Romulan Mark currencies
Romulan bridge officer
Omega Adapted Borg Technology Set and Romulan Singularity Harness sets
Nov 30 2012 Faction Starfleet.png Ships: Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit and Fleet Assault Cruiser
Faction Klingon.png Ships: B'rel Fleet Bird-of-Prey Retrofit and Varanus Fleet Support Vessel
Dec 6 2012 Event: Q's Winter Wonderland revamp
Ship: Breen Chel Grett Warship
Dec 10 2012 STO Gateway launched
Jan 24 2013 Dominion Console Set Faction Starfleet.png Lock box Ships: Mirror Universe Advanced Escort, Mirror Universe Patrol Escort
Lock box Ship: Jem’Hadar Heavy Escort Carrier, Lobi Store: Jem’Hadar Dreadnought Carrier Faction Klingon.png Lock box Ship:: Mirror Universe Vo'quv Carrier
Jan 31 2013 Feature episode: “Temporal Ambassador” Faction Starfleet.png Ships: Support Cruiser, Support Cruiser Retrofit
Fourth Star Trek voice actor: Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar and Sela) Faction Klingon.png Ships: Kamarag Battlecruiser, Kamarag Battlecruiser Retrofit
Feb 14 2013 Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Fleet Support Cruiser Retrofit
Faction Klingon.png Ship: Fleet Kamarag Battlecruiser Retrofit
Feb 21 2013 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ships: Andorian Charal Escort, Andorian Khyzon Escort, Andorian Kumari Escort
Faction Starfleet.png Andorian Assault set
Mar 28 2013 Faction Starfleet.png Retail Ship: Andorian Light Escort
Apr 5 2013 Faction Klingon.png Event: “Day of Honor”
Apr 11 2013 Reputation Event: “Crystalline Catastrophe” revamp

Legacy of Romulus-Delta Rising[edit | edit source]

Date Universal Faction Specific
Legacy of Romulus
May 21 2013 Personal Reputation System: Nukara Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan Republic playable faction
Nukara Marks Nukara Mark Currency Faction Klingon.png Klingon Tutorial revamp
Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan tutorial
PvE Queues: “Rhi Atmosphere Event”, “Defend Rh'Ihho Station” Faction Klingon.png Klingon Episodes: “Duties of Command”, “The Hunt is On”, “Space Chase”, “Manhunt”, “Friend or Foe”, “Test of Mettle”, “A House Pursued”, “House on Fire”
Wasteland episodes: “Secrets of Nimbus”, “The Lost City of Paradise”, “Blind Men Tell All Tales”, “The Undying”, “A Fistful of Gorn”, “Installation 18” Faction Klingon.pngFaction Romulan Republic.png access to Cardassian Struggle episodes: “Venture into Deep Space”, “Badlands”, “Rapier”, “Forging Bonds”, “The Long Night”, “Crack in the Mirror”, “Seeds of Dissent”, “The New Link”, Borg Collective episodes: “Report to Gamma Orionis”, “Collateral Damage”, “Asset Recovery”, “State of Q”
Lock box Ship: Tal Shiar Adapted Destroyer, Lobi store: Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser Faction Klingon.png Ships: B'Rotlh Bird-of-Prey, Qaw'Dun Bird-of-Prey
Faction Romulan Republic.png Ships: T'liss Light Warbird, Dhelan Warbird, Mogai Heavy Warbird, D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser, Ha'apax Advanced Warbird, Ha'nom Guardian Warbird, Ha'feh Assault Warbird, Fleet T'varo Light Warbird Retrofit, Fleet Dhelan Warbird Retrofit, Fleet Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit, Fleet D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit, Fleet Ha'apax Advanced Warbird, Fleet Ha'nom Guardian Warbird, Fleet Ha'feh Assault Warbird, Tiercel Shuttle, Kestrel Runabout
Faction Romulan Republic.png Lock box Ships: Mirror Universe Ha'apax Advanced Warbird, Mirror Universe Ha'nom Guardian Warbird, Mirror Universe Ha'feh Assault Warbird, (C-store) Ships: T'varo Light Warbird, Dhael Warbird, Valdore Heavy Warbird, D'ridthau Warbird Battle Cruiser, Haakona Advanced Warbird, T'varo Light Warbird Retrofit, Dhelan Warbird Retrofit, Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit, D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit, Scorpion Fighter
Faction Romulan Republic.png Hubs: Romulan Flotilla, New Romulus Command
June 20 2013 Fleet Advancement System holding: Dilithium Mine
June 27 2013 Event: Risa Tropical Getaway
Ship: Risian Corvette
(Limted Time) Ship: Suliban Cell Ship
July 2 2013 Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ships: Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird, Falchion Dreadnought Warbird, Tulwar Dreadnought Warbird
July 25 2013 Faction Romulan Republic.png Veteran Ships: Daeinos Heavy Destroyer, Commander's Gig
Aug 1 2013 Faction Romulan Republic.png Lock box Ship: R'Mor Temporal Science Vessel, Lobi store: Talvath Temporal Destroyer
Aug 15 2013 Lock box Ship: Elachi S'golth Escort, Lobi store: Elachi Monbosh Battleship
Silent Enemy Set Space set
Sep 12 2013 Faction Romulan Republic.png Ship: Ar'Kif Tactical Warbird
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ships: Ar'Kala Tactical Warbird, Ar'Kif Tactical Carrier Warbird Retrofit
Oct 10 2013 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Avenger Battle Cruiser
Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Fleet Avenger Battle Cruiser
October 30 2013 Feature episode: “Sphere of Influence”
Fifth Star Trek voice actor: Michael Dorn (Worf)
Ship: Obelisk Carrier
Season Eight: The Sphere
Nov 12 2013 Fleet Advancement System Holding: Fleet Spire Faction Starfleet.png Veteran Fleet Ship: Fleet Chimera Heavy Destroyer, Fleet Ship: Fleet Caitian Atrox Carrier
Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zone Faction Klingon.png Veteran Fleet Ship: Fleet Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer, Fleet Ship: Fleet Kar'Fi Battle Carrier
Dyson Marks Dyson Mark Currency Faction Romulan Republic.png Veteran Fleet Ship: Fleet Daeinos Heavy Destroyer
Personal Reputation System: Dyson Joint Command Faction Starfleet.png Federation tutorial revamp
Hub: Dyson Sphere Joint Command
Solanae Dyson Sphere (episode) episodes: “Circles within Circles”, “Supply Woes”, “The Contested Zone”, “The Omega Standoff”, “Tower Control”
PvE Queues: “Storming the Spire”, “The Breach”
Lockbox Ship: Voth Bastion Flight-Deck Cruiser, Lobi Store Ships: Voth Palisade Science Vessel, Voth Heavy Fighter
Dec 5 2013 Winter Event Ship: Breen Plesh Brek Heavy Raider
Dec 12 2013 Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Mogh Battle Cruiser, Fleet Ship: Fleet Mogh Battle Cruiser
Jan 30 2014 PvP: Small Craft Arena Faction Starfleet.png Klingon War episode revamp
Featured Episode: “A Step Between Stars” Faction Starfleet.png Ship: Solanae Dyson Science Destroyer, Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
Lockbox Ship: Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort, Lobi Store Ship: Hirogen Apex Heavy Battlecruiser Faction Klingon.png Ship: Nov Class Science Destroyer, Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Negh'Var Heavy Battle Cruiser
Set: Apex Predator, Solanae Hybrid Technologies, Solanae Advanced Technologies Faction Romulan Republic.png Ship: Aves Class Science Destroyer, Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit
Feb 20 2014 Faction Starfleet.png (C-store) Ships: Dyson Reconnaissance Science Destroyer, Dyson Strategic Science Destroyer, Dyson Surveillance Science Destroyer
Faction Klingon.png (C-store) Ships: Chontay Class Science Destroyer, MoQ Class Science Destroyer, Ta'Sub Class Science Destroyer
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-store) Ships: Harpia Class Science Destroyer, Tyton Class Science Destroyer, Caprimul Class Science Destroyer
Mar 6 2014 Faction Starfleet.png Fleet Ship: Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser
Mar 13 2014 Event: “Mirror Universe Incursion”
Apr 5 2014 Event: Faction Romulan Republic.png “Republic Day”
Season Nine: A New Accord
Apr 22 2014 Personal Reputation System: 8472 Counter Command Faction Starfleet.png Earth Spacedock revamp
Undine Marks Undine Mark Currency Faction Starfleet.png Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Science Vessel Retrofit
Set: 8472 Counter-Command Elite, Fluidic Counter Assault Faction Klingon.png Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Somraw Raptor Retrofit
Undine Battlezone Faction Romulan Republic.png Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit
Lockbox Ship: Undine Nicor Bio-Warship, Lobi Store Ship: Dromias Bio-Cruiser
Featured Episode: “Surface Tension”
PvE Queues: “Undine Assault”, “Undine Infiltration”, “Viscous Cycle”
Borg Advance revamp: “Where Angels Fear to Tread”, “A Gathering Darkness”, “Assimilation”, “Fluid Dynamics”
Solanae Dyson Sphere (episode): “Fluidic Destruction”
Kit Revamp
May 8 2014 Faction Starfleet.png (C-store) Ship: Patrol Escort Refit, Fleet Ship: Fleet Patrol Escort Refit
June 5 2014 Summer Ship: Risian Luxury Cruiser
July 17 2014 Crafting revamp Faction Starfleet.png Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Escort Retrofit
Lockbox Ship: Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier, Lobi Store Ship: Xindi-Reptilian Contortrix Escort Faction Klingon.png Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey Retrofit
Faction Romulan Republic.png Lockbox Ship: Mirror Universe T'varo Light Warbird Retrofit
August 28 2014 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Heavy Cruiser Refit

Delta Rising-Present[edit | edit source]

Date Universal Faction Specific
Delta Rising
Oct 14 2014 Delta Quadrant Sector Blocks: Vyntadi, Tekara Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ships: Phantom Intel Escort, Eclipse Intel Cruiser, Scryer Intel Science Vessel, Guardian Cruiser, Dauntless Class Experimental Science Vessel
Seventh-Tenth Star Trek Voice Actors: Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Ethan Phillips (Neelix) Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ships: Mat'Ha Raptor, Qib Intel Battlecruiser
Delta Quadrant episodes: “Escalation”, “Mindscape”, “Reunion”, “Friends in Unlikely Places”, “Revelations”, “Enemies in All the Usual Places”, “The Kobali Front”, “With Friends Like These...”, “All That Glitters”, “Know Your Enemies”, “Capture the Flag”, “The Dragon's Deceit”, “Alliances”, “Better With Friends”, “Revolution”, “Taking Care of Enemies”, “Takedown” Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ships: Faeht Intel Warbird, Aelahl Light Warbird Battlecruiser
Vaadwaur added
Personal Reputation System: Delta Alliance
Delta Mark icon.png Delta Marks
Adventure Zone: Kobali Prime
Hub: Delta Quadrant Command
Mark XIV gear level added
Level Cap raised from 50 to 60 - new ranks of Admiral and Fleet Admiral (Fed, Rom) and General and Dahar Master (KDF)
Captain Specialization system
PvE Queues: “Borg Disconnected”, “The Battle of Korfez”, “Bug Hunt”
Lockbox Ships: Benthan Assault Cruiser, Kazon Heavy Raider; Lobi Ship: Hazari Destroyer
Nov 13 2014 Delta Quadrant Episode: “What's Left Behind”
Nov 20 2014 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Pathfinder Long Range Science Vessel
Dec 4 2014 Event Ship: Breen Sarr Theln Carrier
Dec 11 2014 R&D Pack Promotion Ship: Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser
Jan 29 2015 Delta Quadrant Episode: “Dust to Dust” Faction Starfleet.png Romulan Mystery revamp Episodes: “Empress Sela”, “Desperate Measures”, “Shadow Play”, “Taris”
Eleventh Star Trek Voice Actor: Kim Rhodes (Jhet'leya)
Captain Specialization system: Command
Bridge Officer training revamp
Foundry: Top 3 system
Event Ship: Kobali Samsar Cruiser
Lock Box Ships: Vaadwaur Manasa Assault Escort, APU cruiser; Lobi Store Ships: Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser, Vaadwaur Pythus Fighter
Feb 12 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ships: Concorde Command Battlecruiser, Geneva Command Battlecruiser, Presidio Command Battlecruiser
Faction Klingon.png Ty'Gokor Command Battlecruiser, An'quat Command Battlecruiser, Klinzhai Command Battlecruiser
Faction Romulan Republic.png Baratan Command Battlecruiser, Deihu Command Battlecruiser, Vastam Command Battlecruiser
Mar 5 2015 R&D Pack Promotion Ship: Jem'Hadar Strike Ship
Mar 26 2015 Iconian War Episode: “Uneasy Allies”
Apr 2 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Andromeda Class Exploration Cruiser; Fleet Ship: Fleet Andromeda Exploration Cruiser
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Negh'Tev Heavy Battlecruiser; Fleet Ship: Fleet Negh'Tev Heavy Battlecruiser
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ship: D'Khellra Warbird Battlecruiser; Fleet Ship: Fleet D'Khellra Warbird Battlecruiser
Season Ten: The Iconian War
Apr 21 2015 Sector Space Revamp Faction Starfleet.png Fleet Ships: Fleet Phantom Intel Escort, Fleet Eclipse Intel Cruiser, Fleet Scryer Intel Science Vessel, Fleet Guardian Cruiser, Fleet Experimental Science Vessel, Fleet Long Range Science Vessel (T6)
Twelfth and Thirteenth Star Trek Voice Actors: Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) and Lisa LoCicero (Miral Paris) Faction Klingon.png Fleet Ships: Fleet Mat'Ha Raptor, Fleet Qib Intel Battlecruiser
Iconian War Episodes: “Blood of Ancients”, “Delta Flight” Faction Romulan Republic.png Fleet Ships: Fleet Faeht Intel Warbird, Fleet Aelahl Light Warbird Battlecruiser
Iconian Heralds added
Personal Reputation System: Iconian Resistance
Iconian Mark icon.png Iconian Marks
Captain Specialization: Pilot tree expanded
PvE Queues: “The Herald Sphere”, “Gateway to Gre'thor”, “Brotherhood of the Sword”
Lockbox Ships: Xindi-Insectoid Olaen Heavy Escort Carrier, Malon Battlecruiser; Lobi Ship: Xindi-Primate Ateleth Dreadnought Cruiser
May 7 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ships: Ajax Class Pilot Escort, Icarus Class Pilot Escort, Mercury Class Pilot Escort
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ships: Qui'Tu Class Pilot Raptor, Klavek Class Pilot Raptor, Kortar Class Pilot Raptor
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ships:Khaiell Class Pilot Warbird, Jaeih Class Pilot Warbird, Okhala Class Pilot Warbird
May 21 2015 Iconian War Episode: “House Pegh”
June 4 2015 Event Ship: Ferengi Nandi Warship
June 11 2015 Faction Starfleet.png Veteran Ship: Manticore Heavy Destroyer
Faction Klingon.png Veteran Ship: Duvqu' Heavy Destroyer
Faction Romulan Republic.png Veteran Ship: Dinaes Warbird Destroyer
June 18 2015 Iconian War Episode: “Time in a Bottle”
Fourteenth Star Trek Voice Actor: Aron Eisenberg (Nog)
June 25 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Arbiter Battlecruiser; Fleet Ship: Fleet Arbiter Battlecruiser; Veteran Fleet Ship: Fleet Manticore Heavy Destroyer
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Kurak Battlecruiser; Fleet Ship: Fleet Mogh Battlecruiser (T6); Veteran Fleet Ship: Fleet Duvqu' Heavy Destroyer
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ship: Morrigu Heavy Warbird; Fleet Ships: Fleet Morrigu Heavy Warbird; Veteran Fleet Ship: Fleet Dinaes Warbird Destroyer
July 16 2015 Iconian War Episode: “Broken Circle” Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Advanced Heavy Cruiser (T6); Fleet Ship: Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser (T6)
Fleet Holding: Fleet Research Lab; Fleet Armadas
Lockbox Ships: Krenim Imperium Warship, Nihydron Destroyer; Lobi Ship: Zahl Heavy Cruiser
July 30 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship Heavy Escort Carrier (T6); Fleet Ship: Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier (T6)
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Qa'Tel Flight Deck Raptor; Fleet Ship: Fleet Qin Flight Deck Raptor
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ship: Jhu'ael Tactical Carrier Warbird; Fleet Ship: Fleet Ar'kif Tactical Carrier Warbird (T6)
Aug 13 2015 Iconian War Episode: “Butterfly”
Promotion Ship: Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought
Sep 10 2015 Iconian War Episode: “Midnight”
R&D Pack Promotion Ship: Jem'Hadar Recon Ship
Sep 24 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Advanced Escort (T6); Fleet Ship: Fleet Advanced Escort (T6)
Oct 8 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Dreadnought Cruiser (T6); Fleet Ship: Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser (T6)
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Kolasi Siege Destroyer; Fleet Guramba Siege Destroyer (T6)
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ship: Kara Advanced Warbird; Fleet Ha'apax Advanced Warbird (T6)
Season Eleven: New Dawn
Oct 27 2015 Fifteenth Star Trek Voice Actor: Kipleigh Brown (Kuumaarke)
Future Proof Episode: “Sunrise”
Cardassian Struggle revamp Episodes: “Lost and Found”, “Spoils of War”, “Jabberwocky”, “The Factory”, “The New Link”
PvE Queues: “Counterpoint”, “Assault on Terok Nor”
Badlands Battlezone added
Personal Reputation System: Terran Taskforce
Terran Marks
Admiralty System
Lockbox Ships: Herald Quas Flight Deck Cruiser, Herald Baltim Heavy Raider, Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier
Nov 5 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Tactical Escort (T6); Fleet Ship: Fleet Tactical Escort (T6)
Faction Klingon.png (C-Store) Ship: Kor Bird-of-Prey; Fleet Ship: Fleet B'rel Bird-of-Prey (T6)
Faction Romulan Republic.png (C-Store) Ship: Malem Light Warbird; Fleet Ship: Fleet T'varo Light Warbird (T6)
Nov 12 2015 Dry Docking introduced
Nov 19 2015 Future Proof Episode: “Stormbound”
Nov 26 2015 Faction Starfleet.png (C-Store) Ship: Jupiter Class Carrier; Fleet Ship: Fleet Jupiter Class Carrier
Dec 3 2015 Event Ship: Breen Rezreth Dreadnought Cruiser
January 28 2016 Future Proof Episode: “Time and Tide”
Lockbox Ships: Tholian Tarantula Dreadnought Cruiser, Tholian Meshweaver Escort; Lobi Ship: Paradox Temporal Dreadnought
Event Ship: Krenim Science Vessel

Seasons in Star Trek Online
Era Season Focus
Release Date

Star Trek Online Game launch
02 Feb 2010
Season 1:
 Common Ground
PvP, new fleet actions, more customization options
24 Mar 2010
Season 2:
 Ancient Enemies
Level cap increase (40-50), Tier 5 ships, new content (Undine Advance, Klingon Sector, Diplomacy missions)
27 Jul 2010
Season 3:
The Foundry (Beta), Sector Space graphics revamp
09 Dec 2010
Season 4:
Ground combat revamp, UI update, revamp of First City
07 Jul 2011
Season 5:
 Call to Arms
Defera Adventure Zone, Duty Officer system, skill revamp and STF overhaul
01 Dec 2011
Season 6:
 Under Siege
Fleet Advancement System (including fleet ships and missions), Nukara Adventure Zone
12 Jul 2012
Season 7:
 New Romulus
New Romulus Adventure Zone, Reputation System and Tau Dewa Sector Block
13 Nov 2012
RomulanRepublic Large.png

Legacy of Romulus
Playable Romulan faction (with its own ships, missions and hubs), Klingon missions for levels 1-20, Nimbus Adventure Zone, UI revamp, New equipment slot: Warp Core
21 May 2013
Season 8:
 The Sphere
New enemy (the Voth) and Dyson Joint Command reputation faction, Dyson Sphere Space Adventure Zone & Ground Battlezone
12 Nov 2013
Season 8.5 4th Anniversary with new Feature Mission, Klingon War revamp, Quick Equip, Loadouts, starship switching mechanics
30 Jan 2014
Season 9:
 A New Accord
New Feature Mission advancing timeline to 2410, Space Battlezone, Borg Advance revamp, revamp of Reputation System, 8472 Counter-Command reputation faction, Traits & Kits
22 Apr 2014
Season 9.5 Crafting revamp
21 Jul 2014
Delta Rising Large.png

Delta Rising
Level cap increase (50-60), Tier 6 ships, Mk XIII-XIV gear (Gear Upgrade System), addition of Delta Quadrant, Captain Specialization system, Delta Alliance reputation faction and Kobali adventure zone
14 Oct 2014
Mid-season update Command Specialization, Bridge Officer training revamp, Secondary Deflectors, Romulan Mystery arc revamp, Foundry Top 3
29 Jan 2015
Season 10:
 The Iconian War
New enemy (the Heralds), Iconian Resistance reputation faction, expanded Pilot specialization and complete overhaul of Sector Space into Alpha, Beta, and Delta Quadrants
21 Apr 2015
Season 10.5 Fleet Research Lab, Fleet Armada System
16 Jul 2015
Season 11:
 New Dawn
Beginning of new major story arc, Admiralty System, Cardassian Struggle revamp, Badlands Battlezone, Terran Task Force reputation faction
27 Oct 2015
Season 11.5 Skill system revamp, Visual Slots, Romulan Republic Admiralty campaign, Strategist Specialization
12 Apr 2016
Temporal Agent Icon.png

Agents Of Yesterday
New TOS Federation playable faction, Yesterday's War arc, Temporal Operative Specialization, Temporal Defense Initiative reputation faction
6 Jul 2016
Agents Of Yesterday: Artifacts Fleet Station K-13, Kit revamp, graphics and lighting update, beginning of new major story arc
25 Oct 2016
Season 12:
New enemy (the Tzenkethi), Tzenkethi Battlezone, Kits and Modules R&D School, Lukari Restoration Initiative reputation
26 Jan 2017
Season 13:
Competitive Wargames reputation, Space Skill rebalance, Player Potential System
25 Apr 2017
Season 13.5 Endeavor System, Ferengi Alliance Admiralty campaign
18 Jul 2017
Season 14:
Fleet Colony Holding, Tzenkethi Red Alert, Miracle Worker Specialization
October 2017