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A Federation timeship, circa 29th century

Time travel is the ability to move from one point in time to another outside the regular, irreversible flow of time. The act of moving through time has the potential to alter the timeline or create whole new realities, such as the Kelvin Timeline and is thus discouraged. As a result, time travel is rare even though there are several natural and artificial means at the disposal of major powers.

In the 25th century, the Alliance powers devised more predictable means of time travel during the Iconian War. This led to their greater involvement in the Temporal Cold War. The Alliance usually prohibits any alteration of the timeline, the notable exception being during the Iconian War. Other powers, such as the members of the Temporal Liberation Front wish to improve the timeline by selective interventions in the past.

By the 29th century the Federation and other Alliance members are major temporal powers and were key movers behind the eventual signing of the Temporal Accords.

Means of Time Travel[edit | edit source]

A Borg time vortex

Alliance powers have encountered numerous methods of time travel. Those seen in-game are;

Omnipotent intervention
Natural occurance

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

K-13 gets pulled into a temporal anomaly
The 2,800 return through the Bajoran wormhole.
  • “Second Wave”: 2,800 Dominion ships come through the Bajoran wormhole after they disappeared in the year 2374.
  • “Khitomer Accord”: The player has to stop a Borg timeline incursion on the assault on Vega Colony in 2409.
  • “Cold Storage”(Delta Recruits only): 18 months after meeting their future self, the player is sent back in time to complete the cycle of events by warning their past self of the approaching Iconian War and giving their past self a Tesseract Communications Receiver. The player then returns to the present.
  • “Midnight”: The player travels back 200,000 years to the day that the Iconians are forced from their homeworld, with the purpose of wiping out any survivors. Instead, the player saves 12 Iconians and returns to the present, returning the World Heart to them.
  • “The Core of the Matter”: The player travels back to the 23rd century, encountering Na'kuhl from the future.
  • “Vorgon Conclusions”: The player travels to the Lirss System in the future to meet Daniels from further in the future to protect Kal Dano who is about to travel earlier in the player's timeline to when they first met Kal Dano and hid the Tox Utat. When they catch up with Kal Dano it is much later in his timeline but in the 22nd century when Kal Dano is dead and being attacked by Suliban being given orders by the Envoy from the future. They then travel to the 24th century to to find where the Tox Utat ended up after that and destroy several Breen ships of the era. There they find the Vorgons from the future and the Envoy from their own era before recovering the Tox Utat.
  • “Terminal Expanse”: The player travels back to the 23rd century, but to an alternate reality.
  • “Stormbound”: After they stole it from time travelling scientist Kal Dano, the Tholians use the Tox Uthat on the star of the Na'kuhl System. Dano and the player subsequently retrieve the device from the Tholian flagship and travel back the 22nd Century where they hide it in a cave on Risa. After returning to 2410, Kal Dano vanishes into a time vortex during a renewed fight against the Tholians in the Na'kuhl System when his Timeship is damaged. He sends a temporal distress call before entering the vortex which prompts the U.S.S. Pastak to arrive from the 29th Century and investigate. After Captain Walker invites the player to the Pastak's bridge, they manage to retrieve Kal Dano's decayed corpse and Timeship, which had travelled back to the early 22nd Century where, a few decades later, the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) inadvertently activated the Timeship's temporal distress beacon, causing it to automatically travel back to 2410.
  • “Time and Tide”: The player's faction has been contacted by the 29th century for the player to visit the 28th century to view the signing of the Temporal Accords. The accords are interrupted by an attack by Noye so the player then travels back to confront him. Noye then travels forward to escape the player, then back again (much later in his time frame, but a few minutes in the player's) to fight the player. He then escapes in a temporal vortex which the player also enters, but fails to catch him as he shifts in time again.
  • “The Temporal Front”: The post-war peace conference is interrupted by an assassination attempt by Krog from the 28th century. Walker from the 29th century brings the player forward to confront them and they find Vosk preparing to go back in time, including to the 20th century. The player prevents most of the Na'kuhl but Vosk escapes to the 20th century where he is eventually stopped by Captain Archer, who Daniels sent from the 22nd century.
  • “Temporal Reckoning”: The player is called forward to the 28th century to fight Temporal Liberation Front forces at New Khitomer.
  • “Ragnarok”: The player is called to the 26th century to participate in the Battle of Procyon V alongside ships from other centuries and factions.

Ambiguous cases[edit | edit source]

The Annorax fires its weapon

References to time travel[edit | edit source]

Information from the future allowed B'vat to find the Doomsday Machine.

Missions formerly involved[edit | edit source]

The Guardian of Forever, an ancient device that enables time travel.

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