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The Federation War (previously simply known as Klingon Sector) is an episode, i.e. chain of missions, dealing with the struggle between the House of Martok and the House of Torg as well as the war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

The Federation-counterpart of this episode is called "The Klingon War".

List of missions of The Federation War[edit | edit source]

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Lvl Rank Type Name Giver
21 Cm Storyline “Bringing Down the House” J'mpok
22 Cm Storyline “The House Always Wins” Sirella
23 Cm Storyline “Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning” J'mpok
24 Cm Storyline “Keep Your Enemies Closer” J'mpok
25 Cm Storyline “Temporal Ambassador”[1] Tum'Era
  1. NOTE: This mission is also available for Federation players, but as part of The Romulan Mystery mission-chain

Exploration[edit | edit source]

Lvl Rank Type Name Giver
21 Cm Exploration “Explore the T'Ong Nebula” Mara
21 Cm Exploration “Explore the D'kel Star Cluster” Mara
21 Cm Exploration “Explore the Eridon Nebula” Mara

Fleet Actions[edit | edit source]

Lvl Rank Name Giver
20 LC “Punch Through the Federation Blockade” Lieutenant B'Mera
20 LC “Breaking the Planet” Lieutenant B'Mera
30 LG “The Big Dig” Lieutenant B'Mera
40 BG “Crystalline Catastrophe” Lieutenant B'Mera

Feature Series (cross-faction)[edit | edit source]

Series 2: The Devidians
Lvl Rank Episode Name Giver
21+ Cm 1+ Episode 1 “Skirmish” Franklin Drake / K'men
21+ Cm 1+ Episode 2 “Spin the Wheel” Franklin Drake / K'men
21+ Cm 1+ Episode 3 “What Lies Beneath” Franklin Drake / K'men
21+ Cm 1+ Episode 4 “Everything Old is New” Franklin Drake / K'men
21+ Cm 1+ Episode 5 “Night of the Comet” Franklin Drake / K'men

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