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CooperativeThe Cooperative

Seven of Nine with three Cooperative members.png
Members of The Cooperative meeting with Seven of Nine

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Liberated Borg
Delta Quadrant
Political System:
Collective Consciousness
Foreign Policy:
Alliance Building
Hugh (not main leader)
Delta Alliance
Alliance Relations:

The Borg Cooperative is a group of liberated Borg living in the Delta Quadrant. As of 2410, it is a member of the Delta Alliance.

History[edit | edit source]

The Cooperative is a union of different groups of liberated Borg.

It includes the rogue Borg around the former drone Hugh, who regained his individuality in 2368, the original "Cooperative" from the Nekrit Expanse, which was severed from the Collective that same year, as well as the Borg resistance movement called Unimatrix Zero, which began open opposition in 2376.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

Delta Rising[edit | edit source]

Hugh is a leader within the Cooperative
  • ALL “Alliances”: Seven of Nine and the player try to convince the Octanti to join the Delta Alliance to defend against the Vaadwaur threat. However, as the Cooperative is part of the Alliance, the Octanti deny any support. Although a subsequent incident shows to the Octanti that former members of their own species are now part of the Cooperative, they still cannot bring themselves to cooperate, despite Ambassador Rerrick's growing sympathy for the Alliance and the Cooperative in particular.
  • ALL “Farn System Patrol”: His vessels disabled by solar flares in the Farn System, Cooperative captain James Hunt asks the player for assistance in defense against a Vaadwaur attack.
  • ALL “Ram Izad System Patrol”: The Cooperative Regeneration Probe Wayfarer sends out a distress signal when the vessel comes under attack by the Vaadwaur.
  • ALL “Zahl System Patrol”: Player helps evacuate survivors from the Cooperative colony after a Vaadwaur invasion.
  • ALL “Takedown”: Commanded by Seven of Nine, Cooperative vessels participate in the Delta Alliance-attack on Vaadwaur Prime. While their numbers are few, their particular strength is the ability to confuse enemy targets and cause them to attack each other.

Future Proof[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Time and Tide”: In 2769, the Cooperative sends a representative to take part in the signing of the Temporal Accords. The representative states that while the Borg have a checkered past with time travel, particularly concerning the Federation, the Cooperative have made amends for this and supports the accords.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Cooperative maintains a distinct technological advantage over other groups in the region, but remain inexperienced fighters. Given time and direction, however, they could be molded into a weapon.

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The Cooperative
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