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Tetrazine Gas

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Tetrazine Gas

Research and Development - Material
Value: __ Energy credit icon.png
Tetrazine Gas icon.png
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Tetrazine Gas is a rare Research and Development material. It is a highly volatile gas that is a byproduct of some mining operations. Tetrazine gas can be ignited by plasma exhaust, and care should be taken by officers working with the material.

Usage[edit | edit source]

See more: List of craftable components.

Tetrazine Gas is used in crafting components needed to fabricate various items. See crafting school in the table below for details on requirements and craftable items.

Material Component Crafting school
2x [Tetrazine_Gas]
1x [Z-Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Rerouting Lattice] Engineering School
Shields School
2x [Tetrazine_Gas]
1x [Z-Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Micro Power Cell] Ground Weapons School
Kits and Modules School
2x [Tetrazine_Gas]
1x [Z-Particle]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Pressurization Chamber] Projectiles School
Science School
2x [Tetrazine_Gas]
3x [Rubidium]
Blue Arrow (Right).png [Component - Quantum Field Focus] Science School