Temporal Vanguard Tech Upgrade

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Temporal Vanguard Tech Upgrade
Ultra Rare
Account Bind On Pickup

Use this tech upgrade to perform a very significant amount of research on an item.

+110,000 Technology Points
No Quality Improvement Chance
No Dilithium Cost

Use On:
Any Upgradable Item
Value: Energy credit icon.png
Temporal Vanguard Tech Upgrade icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png

Temporal Vanguard Tech Upgrade can be used in the Gear Upgrade System to increase the number of technology points needed to upgrade an item. There are two ways to obtain these upgrade kits:

  • Two of them can be obtained by Temporal Recruits that reach level 50. The upgrades are bound to that character.
  • Three of them can be obtained from the Temporal Special Agent Pack, which is available for 15,000 Zen small icon.png in the Expansion Packs tab of the Discount Packs tab of the C-Store, or through Arc or Steam. After purchase, they will appear in the Items tab of the C-Store as "Temporal Agent Operation Pack - Tech Upgrade". Once claimed, they are bound to account, and so may be traded to other characters via your Account Bank. This may only be purchased once per account.