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Each of the following starships can be considered a Temporal Starship, also known as a Timeship. This includes all starships with "Temporal" or "Timeship" in the formal name, as well as any other starship that can utilize Molecular Reconstruction or other temporal-related abilities. The majority of these starships are from the past or future, relative to the 25th century.

Temporal starships[edit | edit source]

These ships can use the Molecular Reconstruction ability set. These ships also have a Commander Temporal Operative bridge officer station. See List of starships with Temporal Operative seating for a comparison of their stats.

Faction Federation-aligned.png 23rd Century Federation Starships
Tiers 2-5
23rd Century Tier 6 Starships
Can equip Ominous Device
Shipshot Daedalus Class.png
Temporal Science Vessel
Shipshot Perseus Class.png
Temporal Escort
Shipshot Gemini Class.png
Temporal Cruiser
Shipshot Ranger Class.png
Temporal Battlecruiser
Shipshot Cruiser Connie Temporal T6.png
Faction FED25.png Constitution-class
Temporal Light Cruiser
Shipshot Battlecruiser D7 Temporal T6.png
Faction KDF.png D7-class
Temporal Battlecruiser
Shipshot Warbird Tliss Temporal T6.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png T'Liss-class
Temporal Warbird
Faction Federation-aligned.png 26th Century Federation Starships
Tier 6
26th Century Tier 6
Heavy Dreadnought Cruisers
Can equip Energy Distributor Accelerator
Shipshot Nautilus Temporal Science Vessel.png
Temporal Science Vessel
and its fleet version
Shipshot Theseus Temporal Escort.png
Temporal Escort
and its fleet version
Shipshot Sagittarius Temporal Cruiser.png
Temporal Cruiser
and its fleet version
Shipshot Paladin Temporal Battlecruiser.png
Temporal Battlecruiser
and its fleet version
Shipshot Cruiser Dread Hvy To T6.png
Faction FED25.png Universe-class
Shipshot Battlecruiser Dread Hvy To T6.png
Faction KDF.png Durgath-class
Shipshot Battlecruiser Warbird Dread Hvy To T6.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png Valkis-class
Faction Federation-aligned.png 25th century Tier 6 Federation Starships Faction Klingon-aligned.png 25th century Tier 6 Klingon Empire Starships Faction Khitomer.png 31st century Cross-Faction Tier 6 Starships
Can equip 31st Century Temporal Technologies Set
Shipshot Cruiser Support T6.png
Support Cruiser
Shipshot Cruiser Support T6 Fleet.png
Support Cruiser
Shipshot Battlecruiser Support T6.png
Support Battlecruiser
Shipshot Battlecruiser Support T6 Fleet.png
Support Battlecruiser
Shipshot Eternal Temporal Science Vessel.png
Temporal Multi-Mission Science Vessel
Shipshot Ouroboros Temporal Raider.png
Temporal Raider
Shipshot Chronos Class.png
Temporal Dreadnought Cruiser
Other Tier 6 Cross-Faction Temporal Starships
Shipshot Warship Husnock T6.png
Husnock Warship
ShipShot Sphere Builder Edoulg Science Vessel.png
Sphere Builder
Science Vessel
Shipshot Sphere Builder Denuos Dreadnought Carrier.png
Sphere Builder
Dreadnought Carrier

Related starships[edit | edit source]

These ships do not possess the Temporal Reconstruction ability, but are from other time periods or are able to use other temporal abilities.

29th Century Tier 5
Science Vessels
29th Century Tier 5
Mirror Universe Destroyers
29th Century
Timeship Shuttles
Shipshot Science Temporal Wells 5.png
Faction FED25.png Wells-class
Shipshot Science Temporal Korath 5.png
Faction KDF.png Korath-class
Shipshot Science Temporal Rmor.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png R'Mor-class
Shipshot Destroyer Temporal Mobius 5.png
Faction FED25.png Mobius-class
Shipshot Destroyer Temporal Krenn 5.png
Faction KDF.png Krenn-class
Shipshot Destroyer Temporal Talvath.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png Talvath-class
Shipshot Timeship Aeon.pngShipshot Timeship Rozhenko.png
Faction FED25.png Aeon-class and
Faction KDF.png Rozhenko-class
29th Century Tier 6
Science Vessels
29th Century Tier 6
Mirror Universe Destroyers & Dreadnought
Shipshot Science Temporal Wells T6.png
Faction FED25.png Verne-class
Shipshot Science Temporal Korath T6.png
Faction KDF.png Qul'poH-class
Shipshot Science Temporal Rmor T6.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png Sui'Mor-class
Shipshot Destroyer Temporal Mobius T6.png
Faction FED25.png Klein-class
Shipshot Destroyer Temporal Krenn T6.png
Faction KDF.png Chargh'poH-class
Shipshot Destroyer Temporal Talvath T6.png
Faction Romulan Republic.png Tal'aura-class
Shipshot Dreadnought Mirror T6.png
Faction Khitomer.png Paradox-class
Other Faction Khitomer.png Cross-Faction Temporal Starships
Tier 5 Tier 6
Shipshot Destroyer Nihydron.png
Nihydron Destroyer
Shipshot Sphere Builder Arehbes Destroyer.png
Sphere Builder
Shipshot Science Krenim T6.png
Krenim Science Vessel
Shipshot Warship Krenim T6.png
Krenim Imperium Warship
Shipshot Dreadnought Krenim T6.png
Science Dreadnought
Shipshot Cruiser Zahl T6.png
Zahl Heavy Cruiser

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