Temporal Doff Dossier Gallery

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Time Traveller Doffs (Rare and Very Rare, Fed and KDF)[edit | edit source]

Berlinghoff Rasmussen Fed.pngGariff Adam Lucsly Fed.pngJane Zombie Fed.pngJuel Ducane Fed.pngMarion Frances Dulmer Fed.pngMartha Jones Smith KDF.pngMirandaBateson.pngParell Fed.pngParell stats.pngSterlingRenard.pngVerne Brown Fed.png

TI Agents (Federation commons and uncommons)[edit | edit source]

TI Agent Beezabe.pngTI Agent Dolva.pngTI Agent Entoriph.pngTI Agent Ferdinand.pngTI Agent Irvic.pngTI Agent Kesoz.pngTI Agent Klatipiro.pngTI Agent Koro.pngTI Agent Lishun.pngTI Agent Nesu.pngTI Agent Nune.pngTI Agent Qrohht.pngTI Agent Sapeme.pngTI Agent Sili.pngTI Agent Sioxx.pngTI Agent Sufi.pngTI Agent Surun.pngTI Agent Tavan.pngTI Agent Tempel.pngTI Agent Thahr.pngTI Agent Uzblud.png

KI Agents (KDF commons and Uncommons)[edit | edit source]

KI Agent Barla.pngKI Agent Kott.pngKI Agent Zyommod.png