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Device Slots[edit source]

What would the community think about removing the column for shields and adding one for device slots? There are standard shields that come with the ship, but these can easily be switched out so they're not an innate function of the ship. The minimum rank, hull*, weapons, crew, consoles, bridge officers, turn rate, impulse modifier, inertia, and abilities generally never change (* = except for shuttles and fighters). --MatthewM 20:50, 19 June 2011 (UTC)

I suppose I'm not completely impartial, since I wrote this template initially, but here's my 0.02 GBP. I was originally going to put in device slots, but this is always the same per ship type (Escort, Raptor, Science Vessel, etc...). The shield capacity is not the same, however, which is why I listed it. The shield capacity is actually dependent on several factors, so its not easy to just say shields are, say '120%' or whatever. This is why I chose to list the capacity of the shield array it comes bundled with, as this neatly summarises all the variables.
Thinking about the pages that I originally applied this template to, the current list of columns gives as much information as concisely as possible. It wasn't designed with the Shuttles/Fighters page in mind though.
I dont want to act like I own this template or try to block any changes, but I think it would be a mistake to lose the shield capacity information. I consider it to be as important as the hull strength column. I personally use these tables to compare ships of different types, e.g. when considering whether I should fly a cruiser, sci vessel or escort at whichever tier, its handy to compare hull strength and shield capacity in an apples-to-apples fashion.
Regarding the value itself in that column, the shield guide explains the variables, but essentially there are two variables that are an innate function of the ship; the ship type, the ship tier. If you wanted to remove the Mk number of the sheild that comes bundled with the ship, you could replace the 'Shields' column with a 'Shield modifier' column that displays these raw variables. e.g. for a Fleet Escort instead of '4,478' you could have '90% + 59%', but this is unintuitive and misleading if the reader hasn't read the shield guide (which most wont have done).
Thoughts? Again, don't wish to act like I own the template. Cheers --Zutty 21:35, 19 June 2011 (UTC)