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This template is used for playable starships with Vanguard Wingmen ability.

{{Vanguard Wingmen}}

..will show the following:

Vanguard Wingmen[edit source]

As a Vanguard starship, the Vanguard Wingmen/doc is issued two loyal Jem'Hadar ace pilots. These expert pilots fly their own Jem'Hadar Vanguard Heavy Raiders in formation with the player. Their extensive experience in team-based tactics allow them to execute powerful maneuvers.

Jem'Hadar Vanguards can perform the following maneuvers:

All maneuvers share a cooldown, and only one may be active at a time. Wingmen may not be ordered to attack specific targets, but will instead rapidly update their targeting parameters based on the player's chosen target.

If destroyed in combat, each Wingman will automatically rejoin the player after a short lockout period has passed.