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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Ugcinfo/doc (edit):

This template creates an infobox for use on foundry mission pages as per [[Project::User generated content|UGC policy]]. It automatically adds a UGC disclaimer on top of the page.


  |name=the mission name (optional - if omitted, template uses the page title to determine this)
  |faction=Faction the player needs to be to accept the mission (use either Starfleet or Klingon)
  |player=the @account name of the mission designer (include the @) (optional)
  |user=the STOwiki user name of the mission designer (optional)
  |level=the level of character the mission is designed for
  |preceded=the mission that precedes this one (optional, omit the Foundry: part)
  |followed=the mission that follows this one (optional, omit the Foundry: part)
  |released=the date the mission was released, e.g. August 31, 2011
  |location=system or social hub where the first objective is located (do not include brackets)

This template defines the table "Foundry_missions". View table.