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[[File:Polygeminus grex {{{name}}} icon.png|Polygeminus grex {{{name}}}|left]] Tribbles are cute furry creatures, they purr when touched and have a tranquillizing effect on most races. This Tribble is Polygeminus grex {{{name}}}.

Effect[edit source]


Breeding[edit source]

The following tribbles can be bred by feeding subspecies {{{name}}} with various food and beverages.

Breeding chart for Polygeminus grex {{{name}}}
Food Food Tier[1] Tribble bred
Andorian Tuber Root icon.png [Andorian Tuber Root] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{tuber}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{tuber}}}]]
Bajoran Deka Tea icon.png [Bajoran Deka Tea] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{b-tea}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{b-tea}}}]]
Bajoran Hasperat icon.png [Bajoran Hasperat] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{hasperat}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{hasperat}}}]]
Bajoran Kava Juice icon.png [Bajoran Kava Juice] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{kava}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{kava}}}]]
Bajoran Mapa Bread icon.png [Bajoran Mapa Bread] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{mapa}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{mapa}}}]]
Banana Pancakes icon.png [Banana Pancakes] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{pancakes}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{pancakes}}}]]
Catfish Sandwich icon.png [Catfish Sandwich] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{catfish}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{catfish}}}]]
Coffee icon.png [Coffee] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{coffee}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{coffee}}}]]
Croissant icon.png [Croissant] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{croissant}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{croissant}}}]]
Earl Grey Tea icon.png [Earl Grey Tea] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{eg-tea}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{eg-tea}}}]]
Feline Supplement 74 icon.png [Feline Supplement 74] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{feline}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{feline}}}]]
Ferengi Snail Juice icon.png [Ferengi Snail Juice] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{snailjuice}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{snailjuice}}}]]
Field Rations icon.png [Field Rations] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{rations}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{rations}}}]]
Haggis icon.png [Haggis] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{haggis}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{haggis}}}]]
Hot Chocolate icon.png [Hot Chocolate] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{hotchoc}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{hotchoc}}}]]
Jambalaya icon.png [Jambalaya] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{jambalaya}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{jambalaya}}}]]
Klingon Raktajino icon.png [Klingon Raktajino] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{raktajino}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{raktajino}}}]]
Klingon Targ Milk icon.png [Klingon Targ Milk] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{targmilk}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{targmilk}}}]]
Prune Juice icon.png [Prune Juice] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{prunejuice}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{prunejuice}}}]]
Root Beer icon.png [Root Beer] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{rootbeer}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{rootbeer}}}]]
Spring Wine icon.png [Spring Wine] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{s-wine}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{s-wine}}}]]
Synthale icon.png [Synthale] 1 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{s-ale}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{s-ale}}}]]
Aldebaran Whiskey icon.png [Aldebaran Whiskey] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{a-whiskey}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{a-whiskey}}}]]
Bajoran Jumja Stick icon.png [Bajoran Jumja Stick] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{jumja}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{jumja}}}]]
Bajoran Larish Pie icon.png [Bajoran Larish Pie] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{larish}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{larish}}}]]
Bajoran Moba Fruit icon.png [Bajoran Moba Fruit] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{moba}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{moba}}}]]
Banana Split icon.png [Banana Split] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{banana}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{banana}}}]]
Betazoid Uttaberry icon.png [Betazoid Uttaberry] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{uttaberry}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{uttaberry}}}]]
Blood Wine icon.png [Blood Wine] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{b-wine}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{b-wine}}}]]
Bolian Souffle icon.png [Bolian Souffle] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{b-souffle}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{b-souffle}}}]]
Cardassian Kanar icon.png [Cardassian Kanar] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{kanar}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{kanar}}}]]
Cardassian Yamok Sauce icon.png [Cardassian Yamok Sauce] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{yamok}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{yamok}}}]]
Cardassian Zabu Stew icon.png [Cardassian Zabu Stew] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{c-stew}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{c-stew}}}]]
Chateau Picard icon.png [Chateau Picard] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{picard}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{picard}}}]]
Ferengi Jellied Gree-worm icon.png [Ferengi Jellied Gree-worm] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{greeworm}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{greeworm}}}]]
Ferengi Snail Steak icon.png [Ferengi Snail Steak] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{snailsteak}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{snailsteak}}}]]
Ferengi Tube Grubs icon.png [Ferengi Tube Grubs] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{tubegrubs}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{tubegrubs}}}]]
Flaked Blood Fleas icon.png [Flaked Blood Fleas] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{bloodfleas}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{bloodfleas}}}]]
I'danian Spice Pudding icon.png [I'danian Spice Pudding] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{spicepud}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{spicepud}}}]]
Jimbalian Fudge icon.png [Jimbalian Fudge] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{fudge}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{fudge}}}]]
Klingon Gagh icon.png [Klingon Gagh] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{gagh}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{gagh}}}]]
Klingon Gladst icon.png [Klingon Gladst] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{gladst}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{gladst}}}]]
Klingon Grapok Sauce icon.png [Klingon Grapok Sauce] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{grapok}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{grapok}}}]]
Klingon Octopus icon.png [Klingon Octopus] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{octopus}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{octopus}}}]]
Klingon Racht icon.png [Klingon Racht] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{racht}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{racht}}}]]
Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie icon.png [Klingon Rokeg Blood Pie] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{bloodpie}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{bloodpie}}}]]
Livanian Beet icon.png [Livanian Beet] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{beet}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{beet}}}]]
Ratamba Stew icon.png [Ratamba Stew] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{r-stew}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{r-stew}}}]]
Romulan Kali-fal icon.png [Romulan Kali-fal] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{kali-fal}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{kali-fal}}}]]
Saurian Brandy icon.png [Saurian Brandy] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{s-brandy}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{s-brandy}}}]]
Slug-O-Cola icon.png [Slug-O-Cola] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{slug}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{slug}}}]]
Thalian Chocolate Mousse icon.png [Thalian Chocolate Mousse] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{mousse}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{mousse}}}]]
Trixian Bubble Juice icon.png [Trixian Bubble Juice] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{t-juice}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{t-juice}}}]]
Tulaberry icon.png [Tulaberry] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{t-berry}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{t-berry}}}]]
Vorta Q'lava icon.png [Vorta Q'lava] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{qlava}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{qlava}}}]]
Vorta Rippleberry icon.png [Vorta Rippleberry] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{rippleberry}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{rippleberry}}}]]
Vulcan Plomeek Soup icon.png [Vulcan Plomeek Soup] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{v-soup}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{v-soup}}}]]
Vulcan Spice Tea icon.png [Vulcan Spice Tea] 2 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{v-tea}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{v-tea}}}]]
Cardassian Taspar Egg icon.png [Cardassian Taspar Egg] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{c-egg}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{c-egg}}}]]
Jumbo Romulan Mollusk icon.png [Jumbo Romulan Mollusk] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{mollusk}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{mollusk}}}]]
Klingon Heart of Targ icon.png [Klingon Heart of Targ] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{heartoftarg}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{heartoftarg}}}]]
Quadrotriticale icon.png [Quadrotriticale] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{quadrotriticale}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{quadrotriticale}}}]]
Romulan Ale icon.png [Romulan Ale] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{r-ale}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{r-ale}}}]]
Romulan Osol Twist icon.png [Romulan Osol Twist] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{osol}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{osol}}}]]
Tranya icon.png [Tranya] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{tranya}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{tranya}}}]]
Tulaberry Wine icon.png [Tulaberry Wine] 3 [[File:Polygeminus grex {{{t-wine}}} icon.png|link=Tribble/{{{t-wine}}}]]
  1. Tier 1 refers to food that provides 56% HP over 3 seconds, Tier 2 provides 64% and Tier 3 provides 72%.

Trivia[edit source]