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This template was created from a kit bash of the Template:Dofftraiticonlink and Template:slottrait templates, as so many assignment pages appear to use both anyway. It may be used on duty officer assignment pages where a particular trait affects the outcome changes when a duty officer with that trait is slotted. It displays both the trait icon as well as the trait name linked to the appropriate trait page.



Good or bad is determined by the game's criteria. If the game displays the trait in green text, treat it as good; if it is in red text, treat it as bad (the template will display the icon and trait name/link in the appropriate color).

The last parameter is an abbreviation for what outcome this affects:

  • cs means it affects the critical success outcome
  • s means it affects the success outcome
  • f means it affects the failure outcome
  • cf means it affects the critical failure outcome

Note that some assignments will use different names for these results, e.g. “Experimental Upgrades” assignments reference quality (or Explosion), while “Haggle for Gamma Quadrant Commodity” assignments reference profitability (or Ambushed).

Example: {{Traiticonpluslink|Honorable|good|cs}} produces:

Honorable doff.png Honorable