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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Tabs/doc (edit):

This template can be used to create a basic tab control on a page, showing only the content for the currently selected tab and hiding the rest (until another tab is selected). It relies on CSS in MediaWiki:Common.css and Javascript in MediaWiki:Common.js to function.

Users with Javascript disabled will not see this as a tab control. Instead, the contents of all tabs are displayed in a column inside a box with the tab labels looking like headings before each of their respective contents. This can make the tab control substantially taller for users with Javascript disabled, so keep that in mind when designing pages.


|outerStyle = CSS styles for the entire tab control, such as float: right; width: 300px; (don't wrap in quotes)
|barStyle = CSS styles for the tab bar, such as text-align: center to center the tabs
|innerStyle = CSS styles to apply to the contents of all tabs, such as padding-bottom: 1em; to move the border farther from the contents
|tab1Label = label for 1st tab
|tab1Content =
contents of 1st tab
|tab2Label = label for 2nd tab
|tab2Content =
contents of 2nd tab
|tab3Label = label for 3rd tab
|tab3Content =
contents of 3rd tab
|tab4Label = label for 4th tab
|tab4Content =
contents of 4th tab
|tab5Label = label for 5th tab
|tab5Content =
contents of 5th tab
|tab6Label = label for 6th tab
|tab6Content =
contents of 6th tab
|tab7Label = label for 7th tab
|tab7Content =
contents of 7th tab
|tab8Label = label for 8th tab
|tab8Content =
contents of 8th tab
|tab9Label = label for 9th tab
|tab9Content =
contents of 9th tab
|tab10Label = label for 10th tab
|tab10Content =
contents of 10th tab
|tab11Label = label for 11th tab
|tab11Content =
contents of 11th tab
|tab12Label = label for 12th tab
|tab12Content =
contents of 12th tab
|tab13Label = label for 13th tab
|tab13Content =
contents of 13th tab
|tab14Label = label for 14th tab
|tab14Content =
contents of 14th tab
|tab15Label = label for 15th tab
|tab15Content =
contents of 15th tab