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Template:Sw overlay

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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Sw overlay/doc (edit):

Sw overlay is a template used on space weapon articles, currently covering only Energy weapons.

Example[edit source]

Template in action:

{{Sw overlay
|BA=Corrosive Plasma Beam Array
|DBB=Corrosive Dual Plasma Beam Bank
|C=Corrosive Plasma Cannon
|DC=Corrosive Plasma Dual Cannons
|DHC=Corrosive Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons
|T=Corrosive Plasma Turret
|description=Corrosive weaponry has a chance to apply a low-damage plasma burn while gradually eating through the target's damage resistance. The debuff becomes more powerful the longer it remains in effect.
Corrosive Plasma space weapons can be obtained from the {{item|Special Equipment Pack - Corrosive Plasma Weapons||rare}}, which has a chance to drop from the {{iconlink|Delta Expedition Lock Box|20px}} {{item|Delta Expedition Lock Box||common}}.

See Corrosive Plasma weapons (space) for output of this template.

For weapons with Omni beam and Wide-arc cannons in the set, use Sw overlay+ template and add OB and WA parameters:

{{Sw overlay+
|OB=Omni-Directional Isolytic Plasma Beam Array
|WA=Wide Arc Isolytic Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons

See Isolytic Plasma weapons (space) for output of this template.

Variables[edit source]

  • BA, DBB, C, DC, DHC, T, OB, WA - are acronyms for different types of weapons. Add full weapon name here, which will then show icon and infobox of the same name (if they exist).
  • flavor - damage type dealt by this weapon (Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Polaron, Tetryon, Antiproton, Proton)
  • description - this should consist of two parts: First: information about that particular weapon type, often related to item's proc or unique modifier. Second: ==Obtained== section which shows info on acquiring the item.
  • mods - creates modifiers section. See {{Energy weapon modifiers}} for info on which parameter to use here (allowed values: Standard, StandardNonCrafted, Hybrid, HybridVR, Special, SpecialVR, Elite and CraftedVR)