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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:RfA/Open/doc (edit):

This template has two purposes in admin selection policy:

  • For accepting an nomination for adminship. (To decline, use {{RfA/Decline}} instead.)
  • For nominating yourself for adminship.
Accepting a nomination
To accept a nomination, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to the request for adminship page the nominating user created for you.
  2. Edit the page and simply change {{RfA/Nomination to {{subst:RfA/Open
  3. Optionally, add a brief message after nomineemessage= describing why you're accepting.
  4. Save the page.
To nominate yourself

Begin editing a new page entitled STOWiki:Requests for adminship/username, replacing username with the your username. If there is already a previously resolved RfA there, add (2) to the end of the page name, and if necessary, count up from that until you find an unused title.

Copy the following to the new page:


After nominee=, type your username.

After nomineemessage=, you may optionally type a short message indicating why you are nominating yourself.

After support=, oppose=, and/or neutral, you may add short bullet points that describe supporing, opposing, or neutral qualities of the nominee being considered for administrator. This may also be done later, but if you decide to do it now, begin each item with an asterisk (*) on a new line.

For instructions on adding qualities on an existing RfA page, see Category:Requests for adminship.

It is possible to withdraw acceptance of a nomination any time before the administrators make a decision. See {{RfA/Withdraw}} for instructions.

(Implementation note: this template substitutes a call to {{RfA/Active}} instead, possibly adding the current date to some parameters and filling in some data automatically, as well as setting up the voting booth.)