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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Mbox/doc (edit):

Usage[edit source]

|type = see section type
|image = see section image
|text = see section text
|small = see section small
|imageright = see section imageright

How to use "type"[edit source]

Type means the Type of Displayed Message box. There are currently the follow Options:






(leave empty):

It changes color and Icon type. It is optional.

How to use "image"[edit source]

A given media-File of Type IMAGE, useed it as an alternative icon. It isn't required.

How to use "text"[edit source]

Text means the message content. It is required.

How to use "small"[edit source]

there is an option called left. it ordered the tag usage. into 'no Div-Tag' or use the div-tag. it is not required.

How to use "imageright"[edit source]

Imageright can be use a a file destination [[FILE:A IMAGE.JPG]]. But it not required.