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The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Item/doc (edit):

Template Description[edit source]

This template is used to generate colorized item wiki links.

It can also now be used to generate self-links (which are formatted the same, but do not actually link) by omitting the first parameter.

Usage[edit source]

Like so:

{{item|Subcategory Name - Name of Equipment|Mk Level|rarity|link=item link}}
{{item|Just the Name of Equipment||rarity}}

Please note the double-| above, which omits the Mk level of such items that do not have any.

Template usage examples:

* {{item|Body Armor - Pollyalloy Weave|Mk II|common}}
* {{item|Personal Shield|Mk II [Cap]|uncommon}}
* {{item|Phaser Beam Array|Mk II}}
* {{item|Romulan Osol Twist||rare}}
* {{item|Klingon Racht}}
* {{item}}


The first piece of equipment is named "Body Armor - Pollyalloy [sic] Weave Mk II" in the game, and is thus named Body Armor - Pollyalloy Weave on the wiki. The "Mk II" is simply appended to the link text, but not the article title itself. Since this particular item is Common, the link is that color.

In the last case, the name of whatever page on which the link appears will be displayed.

If no rarity is provided, the template will attempt to use Property:Is of rarity to determine the rarity. Barring that, it will default to "Common".