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Uncommon Energy weapon modifiers/StandardArc will have one modifier suffix, Rare will have two, Very Rare will have three, and Ultra Rare will have four. Epic adds a fifth unique modifier.

Standard Modifiers: Can appear multiple times (e.g. [Acc]x2, [CrtH]x3, [CrtD]x4 etc)

  • [Acc]: +10 Accuracy Rating
  • [CrtD]: +20% Critical Severity
  • [CrtH]: +2% Critical Chance
  • [Dmg]: +X Damage

Special Crafted Wide-Arc Modifier: This modifier is guaranteed to appear once only on specially crafted Mk XII Energy weapon modifiers/StandardArc of Very Rare quality and higher:

  • [Arc]: Wider targeting arc (360' for Beam arrays, 90' for Dual Heavy Cannons)

Special Crafted Modifiers: These modifiers can appear once on crafted Energy weapon modifiers/StandardArc of Rare quality and higher:

  • [Over]: [Beam] 2.5% Chance: Upgrades your next beam attack. Deals massive Energy Damage, but drains your Weapon Power.
  • [Pen]: All attacks with this weapon ignore 10 Armor Rating
  • [Rapid]: [Cannon/Turret] 2.5% Chance: Activates Rapid Fire mode for all cannons on your ship for 2 seconds
  • [Snare]: to target: -5% Speed and Turn Rate on hit
  • [Thrust]: to self: +5% Speed and Turn Rate when firing

Epic Modifier: All energy weapons upgraded to Epic quality receive:

  • [Ac/Dm]: +10 Accuracy Rating and +X Damage
  • Re-engineering options: [Ac/Dm], [Ac/CrtD], [Ac/CrtH], [CrtD/Dm], [CrtH/CrtD], [CrtH/Dm].