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All Elite weaponry is of Ultra Rare quality but it only has three modifiers, the additional proc can be considered as fourth modifier. They can be purchased with the following modifier combinations:

  • [Acc] [Dmg]x2: +10 Accuracy Rating, +X Damage
  • [Acc]x2 [Dmg]: +20 Accuracy Rating, +X Damage
  • [CrtD] [Dmg]x2: +20% Critical Severity, +X Damage
  • [CrtH] [Dmg]x2: +2% Critical Chance, +X Damage

Epic Modifier: All energy weapons upgraded to Epic quality receive:

  • [Ac/Dm]: +10 Accuracy Rating and +X Damage
  • Re-engineering options: [Ac/Dm], [Ac/CrtD], [Ac/CrtH], [CrtD/Dm], [CrtH/CrtD], [CrtH/Dm].