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There are several types of Energy damage types available, each of which are listed below. Each type of Energy damage types offers a different proc (random chance for an attack bonus). The damage done by these weapons is modified by several Modifiers, Skills from the skill tables and certain Consoles. The baseline damage is dependent on the weapon's Mark level and its rarity.

For more information on the base damage done by Energy damage types weapons, see the respective weapon type articles.
  • Phaser: 2.5% chance to disable a random subsystem
  • Disruptor: 2.5% chance to lower the targets hull damage resistance by 10% for 15 sec
  • Plasma: 2.5% chance to apply a non-stacking damage-over-time debuff
  • Polaron: 2.5% chance to reduce all enemy subsystem power levels by 25
  • Tetryon: 2.5% chance to deal additional shield damage
  • Antiproton: +20 to Critical Severity