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This template generates a table of duty officers that have the given traits. Duty officers will show up if they have a page in the wiki, the page uses {{Doffpage}} (as all duty officer pages generated by Form:Duty officer do), and the trait is correctly entered.

The table rows are generated by {{Doffsbytraitrow}}.

This template uses a slight hack to pass the queried traits to {{Doffsbytraitrow2}} as a parameter. This is the last printout statement in the query that checks if the officer is in Category:Duty officers, which all should be.


{{Doffsbytrait2|trait name|trait name}}

The trait names specified should be in the in-game names. Don't include the Trait: or /doff parts of the page name titles.

Alternative usage:

{{Doffsbytrait2|trait name|trait name|minimum quality|maximum quality}}

In the above, the quality is represented numerically as follows:

  • 0 for white
  • 1 for green
  • 2 for blue
  • 3 for purple

So to display just white, specify 0 for both the minimum and maximum. For green and higher, specify 1 as the minimum and 3 as the maximum.