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This template will create faction specific Bridge Officer Candidate icons.


Creates: Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Klingon).png

For contributors: Behind the scenes, this template pulls images with the following naming scheme:

  • File:CAREER_Officer_Candidate_icon_(FACTION).png

If these icons ever need to be updated for whatever reason. Specializations are included as a part of the career (Tactical Command), as the game has separate icons for each career/spec combo.

Parameters[edit source]

  1. Profession. This can be any of the following: (Default: Engineering)
    • Tac
    • Tactical
    • Tactical Department
    • Sci
    • Science
    • Science Department
    • Eng
    • Engineering
    • Engineering Department
    • TacIntel
    • TacCommand
    • TacPilot
    • TacTemporal
    • TacMiracle
    • EngIntel
    • EngCommand
    • EngPilot
    • EngTemporal
    • EngMiracle
    • SciIntel
    • SciCommand
    • SciPilot
    • SciTemporal
    • SciMiracle
  2. Faction. This can be one of the following: (Default: Federation)
    • Fed
    • Federation
    • Starfleet
    • Klingon
    • KDF
    • Rom
    • Romulan
    • TOS
    • 23c
    • Dom
    • Dominion
    • Dis
    • Dsc
  3. Size. Eg: 36px or any of the following: (Default: 52px)
    • full - The full size of the icon (52px * 68px)
    • half - Half size
    • quarter - quarter size
    • third - One third size
    • User specified - ie: 24px

Notes[edit source]

  • The icon will automatically link to the page Bridge Officer Candidate
  • The template makes use of the {{IconWrapper}} Template to render the icon ensuring either a proper icon or a "No Icon" icon.

Examples[edit source]

A: {{BoffCandidateIcon|sci|kdf|half}}
B: {{BoffCandidateIcon|tactical|Federation|24px}}
C: {{BoffCandidateIcon|Science|romulan}}
D: {{BoffCandidateIcon|Tactical||half}}
E: {{BoffCandidateIcon||klingon}}
F: {{BoffCandidateIcon|SciIntel|rom}}
G: {{BoffCandidateIcon|EngTemporal|23c}}

A: Science Officer Candidate icon (Klingon).png B: Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png C: Science Officer Candidate icon (Romulan).png D: Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png E: Engineering Officer Candidate icon (Klingon).png F: Science Intel Officer Candidate icon (Romulan).png G: Engineering Temporal Officer Candidate icon (TOS).png