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Teleporting, sometimes referred to as a "Jump", is an instantaneous form of travel from current position to another, making you untargetable during the transition, and requires a cooldown period before becoming available again. These abilities can grant a scaling stealth buff for a brief time period (in which case it is modified by Starship Stealth), as well as other effects where applicable. Useful for "jumping" into or out of combat, these abilities and consoles below represent the current available forms of Teleportation.

Ground teleportation[edit | edit source]

Affects self

Affects foe

Space teleportation[edit | edit source]

Affects self:

Affects foe

Immunity to teleportation[edit | edit source]

To protect from teleportation effect used by foes, such as non-player Tholian Tarantula, there are ways to gain immunity:

Ground Risa Floater, Risa Powerboard, Run, Transporter Transwarp icon (Federation).png
Sub-light Full Impulse, Impulse Capacitance Cell, Impulse Engine (Impulse Engines), Impulse Expertise
Warp Quantum Slipstream Drive, Sector Space Travel Speed, Warp Core, Warp speed
Transwarp Borg Transwarp Hub, Transwarp, Transwarp Coil, Transwarp Conduit
Other Bajoran wormhole, Iconian gateway, Sector space, Spore drive, Teleport, “Tour the Galaxy”