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Task Force Operation

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Task Force Operations make up most of Star Trek Online's multiplayer content. Task Force Operations are missions that require five (or more for certain queues) players to complete objectives in order to a complete the mission. Task Force Operations reward Refined dilithium icon.png Dilithium Ore, and many reward Fleet Marks Marks.

They can be accessed by clicking the PvE Task Force Operations button on the bottom of the navigation menu or by clicking the PvE thumbnail in the Mission Journal.

Prior to Season Fifteen: Age of Discovery, Task Force Operations were referred to as PvE Queues.

Menu[edit | edit source]

The Task Force Operations UI

The queue menu is the main interface for Task Force Operations. It allows you to queue for the various Task Force Operations in the game, or queue for a Random Task Force Operation.

The feature was originally introduced with Season Four: Crossfire as a way to find other players to join in for fleet actions. In Season Seven: New Romulus, the interface for the queue menu was updated and expanded to include Special Task Force missions and PvE group events.[1] In Season Thirteen: Escalation, the Queue Menu received a revamp, including a complete visual overhaul.[2] In Season Fifteen: Age of Discovery, it received further adjustments, including the addition of Random Task Force Operations.

Mission Types[edit | edit source]

An average Task Force Operation is a queue of around 20 minutes (varying considerably according to complexity and player skill) involving 5 players (with very rare exceptions requiring 10 or 20). They are either ground or space combat missions and can come in normal, advanced and an elite variants. Many TFOs are tied to a particular Reputation System, although most will offer more than one type of mark, and form part of the game's story.

Competitive[edit | edit source]

Competitive queues are structured slightly differently from regular PvE queues, by adding in a PvP element. Two teams of players have to compete against each other through a series of challenges, with only rare direct PvP combat. These queues require more people two teams of 5, are not part of the RTFO system and reward Competitive Wargames Reputation

Featured Task Force Operations[edit | edit source]

Featured TFOs are a 3 week event format that launched in November 2018 to replace Featured episodes. They are intended to spotlight new or remastered TFOs. The first TFO to be launched was “Battle at the Binary Stars”. After the Featured Event is over, the TFO is temporarily unavailable for play until the next major release. For example, Operation Riposte was re-introduced into the game with Rise of Discovery, launching with added Advanced and Elite difficulties attached as well.

On April 18, 2019, a new system was added to Star Trek Online alongside the Featured Task Force Operation, “Operation Riposte”. Players could earn progress toward one free Tier 6 Starship by participating each day (every 20 hours) in Featured TFO Events from April 2019 to August 2019. 50 Coupon Progress Tokens were rewarded on a daily basis during a given Featured TFO Event, with an extra 50 possible during a Coupon Progress Token Weekend.

By playing three Events in their entirety (or by collecting 3000 Coupon Tokens), players could earn Coupon Progress Token Coupon Progress Tokens each day, allowing them to eventually claim a [100% Discount Coupon: Tier 6 Ship] that will allow the claiming of a free Tier 6 Starship of their choice from the C-Store.

Red Alerts[edit | edit source]

Red Alerts, unlike FTFOs, are time-limited but repeated. They are usually simpler in structure to a normal queue and can be triggered by interacting with objects in sector space, as well as via the menu. They are usually held over a long weekend.

Calendar events[edit | edit source]

Like Red Alerts, there are a number of other queues that are repeated throughout the year. These are more regular style TFOs and often give out a special reward via account-wide vouchers. These queues are often characterised either by being seasonal or by being based on ever-increasing waves challenging players ability to hold out.

Queue Types[edit | edit source]

Public[edit | edit source]

Public Task Force Operations allow you to join public matchmaking for a specified queue. Upon reaching the required player count, it will give you a confirmation message. Once all teammates confirm, the mission will be launched.

Random[edit | edit source]

Random Task Force Operations (RTFO) are a feature added with Season Fifteen: Age of Discovery. It allows you to queue for a random Task Force Operation with addition rewards on top of the standard queue rewards.

Private queue UI

Most queues are available in the system, with the following exclusions:

Private[edit | edit source]

Private queues can be created that can hold up to four teams of 5 (20 players) and requires five players to start. To do so, click the Create Private tab and under PvE, choose a queue of any difficulty. Press Start Private Queue to create an instance.

Certain queues require a certain level to be unlocked and cannot be played below that level. The queues can also be sorted based on ground, space, public private, unlocked, and locked.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of TFOs reward reputation marks and/or fleet marks Fleet Marks. In addition, they offer 480 in dilithium Dilithium Ore icon.png and Research and Development Materials which vary according the the queue. Advanced and Elite versions offer additional Elite Reputation Marks, extra dilithium (720 for advanced; 1440 for elite) and higher rarity R&D materials.

The reputation marks are either offered as a broad choice, or are limited to those marks that are relevant to the Reputation the TFO's story is tied to. For example “Battle of Procyon V” was released with and is tied to the story around the Temporal Defense Initiative, so awards Temporal Marks and Chroniton Buffer (on advanced/elite versions).

TFOs not linked to a reputation, usually because they are pre-level 50, often just reward fleet marks and dilithium.

In addition to basic Reputation Mark reward, player can earn 55 Daily Bonus Marks for each reputation once per day.

Gear[edit | edit source]

A handful of queues reward Dilithium Dilithium Ore icon.png and gear to who have contributed the most (e.g., most damage dealt/taken). Finishing in first place gets a random Very Rare item (as well as the accolade and trophy, if not already obtained), second and third place gets a random Rare item, and all other players get a random Uncommon item. These include “Romulan Imperial Minefield” and “Crystalline Catastrophe”.

Vouchers[edit | edit source]

Featured TFOs and calendar events award [Featured TFO Commendation] or [Weekend Event Voucher] vouchers every 20 hours (across the account), allowing players to claim special rewards. FTFOs are usually for a 3 week period only before the end; although they usually return later as a regular TFO without the commendation reward. Calendar events are for 4 days but repeat with different rewards on each run.

Mission PC Release Date Console Release Date FTFO Reward
“Battle at the Binary Stars” 14 November 2018 22 January 2019 [Beacon of Kahless]
“Pahvo Dissension” 21 February 2019 18 April 2019 [Universal Kit Module - Crystal Prism]
“Peril Over Pahvo” 21 March 2019 14 May 2019 [Terran Guerilla Combat Armor]
“Operation Riposte” 18 April 2019 4 June 2019 [Console - Universal - Priors World Elite Defense Satellite]
“Crystalline Cataclysm” 6 June 2019 TBA [Black Ops Mine Launcher]

Random[edit | edit source]

After completing a random TFO, you will receive a reward box containing dilithium and a choice of marks. The rarity is random, with the difficulty determining whether you get Normal or Advanced boxes. Advanced boxes give 40% more marks and dilithium.

Normal Advanced
[Common Reward: Random TFO Completion (Normal)]
50 Marks, 500 Dilithium
[Common Reward: Random TFO Completion (Advanced)]
70 Marks, 700 Dilithium
[Uncommon Reward: Random TFO Completion (Normal)]
60 Marks, 600 Dilithium
[Uncommon Reward: Random TFO Completion (Advanced)]
84 Marks, 840 Dilithium
[Rare Reward: Random TFO Completion (Normal)]
75 Marks, 750 Dilithium
[Rare Reward: Random TFO Completion (Advanced)]
105 Marks, 1050 Dilithium
[Very Rare Reward: Random TFO Completion (Normal)]
100 Marks, 1000 Dilithium
[Very Rare Reward: Random TFO Completion (Advanced)]
140 Marks, 1400 Dilithium
[Ultra Rare Reward: Random TFO Completion (Normal)]
150 Marks, 1500 Dilithium
[Ultra Rare Reward: Random TFO Completion (Advanced)]
210 Marks, 2100 Dilithium
[Epic Reward: Random TFO Completion (Normal)]
250 Marks, 2500 Dilithium
[Epic Reward: Random TFO Completion (Advanced)]
350 Marks, 3500 Dilithium

List of Task Force Operations[edit | edit source]

List of Task Force Operations

List of removed Task Force Operations[edit | edit source]

List of removed Task Force Operations
New mission name Removed mission name Faction Region Type Team Location
3 Currently not available “Starbase 24” Faction Starfleet.png Faction Fed-aligned Romulan.png QueueSpace.png F.A. 10 Starbase 24
3 Currently not available “Starbase 24 Rescue” Faction Starfleet.png QueueGround.png F.A. 10 Starbase 24
10 Replaced by “Romulan Imperial Minefield” “Halting the Gorn Advance” Faction Starfleet.png Faction Fed-aligned Romulan.png QueueSpace.png F.A. 5 Tostig System
20 “Punch Through the Federation Blockade” Faction KDF.png Faction KDF-aligned Romulan.png QueueSpace.png F.A. 5 Yov'bot System
20 Currently not available “Slowing the Expeditionary Force” Faction Starfleet.png Faction Fed-aligned Romulan.png QueueSpace.png F.A. 20 Laurentian System
Currently not available “Breaking the Planet” QueueGround.png F.A.
Faction KDF.png Faction KDF-aligned Romulan.png QueueGround.png F.A. Teroka System
30 Currently not available “Big Dig” Faction FedRomKDF.png QueueGround.png F.A. 20 Hyralan Sector
30 Replaced by “Counterpoint”
and “Assault on Terok Nor”
“Foxes and Hounds” Faction Starfleet.png QueueSpace.png F.A. 20 Deep Space 9
“DS9 under Siege!” QueueGround.png F.A.
50 Currently not available “Fluidic Space Fleet Action” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png F.A. 20 Pelia Sector
50 Replaced by “Mirror Invasion” “Mirror Universe Incursion” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Event 5 Federation starbase
50 Replaced by “Kobayashi Maru” “No Win Scenario” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueSpace.png Event 5 Simulator
50 Currently not available “Mine Trap” Faction FEDKDF.png QueueGround.png Event 20 Hfihar System

References[edit | edit source]