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How were the values for this shield on the page determined? I am in game right now and it is showing up as 5,962 Capacity and 99 Shield Regen Ifandbut 06:53, 23 April 2010 (UTC)

*[edit source]

I'll update this one tonight when I get a chance to do so - there's been a few ingame changes to crafting since the wiki was started, so things invariably need to be updated.

  • update

It looks like shield statistics are skill-modified ingame on the fly - I'm RA5 with max shield skills, and this shield has a capacity of 9,214 and a recharge of 154... either I need to burn one of my respecs and get new screenshots of all the crafted items with no skills, or we need to figure out the actual multipliers and reverse out the base values.

  • update again

I think I can take a lvl 1 alt with no skills and get the base values from the shields in the exchange. I just need to make sure that I make an alt with no traits that buff any stats at all :-)

Lapdragon 17:48, 23 April 2010 (UTC)