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Sneak Peak Notes[edit source]

I didn't think there was a better spot to put these for now, as I think it's temporary, but worth putting here.

As of 3/6/10

Here's a quick run down of what is turned on and what's hidden for this build

Power and Skill Tuning (see details below)[edit source]

  • T0 Klingon Cruiser
  • Ship selection rooms in ESD/Qonos have new ship info
  • Multi-Faction Neutral Zone Bar
  • Level Banded Fleet Actions (ie these now scale in level bands so similar level players play together)
  • Gorn Minefield (Fed and Klg)
  • Breaking the Planet (Fed and Klg)
  • Klingon Scout Force (Fed)
  • Starbase 24 (Fed)
  • Crystalline Entity (Fed and Klg)
  • Romulan Temple (Fed and Klg)
  • Some new unexplored system planets
  • Faction specific Transporter beam in FX
  • Fed and Klg bridges
  • Fed Ship Variants

Some things that are turned off at the moment pending internal QA approval[edit source]

  • iPvP Objective Maps
  • Klingon Ship Customization
  • New Stances
  • Klingon Star Cluster PVE Exploration
  • DS9 Fleet Action
  • New species, and costume updates
  • Off Duty Outfits (and extra costume slot)
  • Respec options

3 new Stats[edit source]

The attack pattern abilities were being modified by the escort captain skills. We also didn’t have skills that modified some core space attributes. To fix this, three new skills were created as modifiers to the attack patterns and give out some passive improvements.

Starship Attack Vectors[edit source]

Improves starship accuracy, starship crit chance, and abilities that use starship attack vectors (attack patterns, fire on my mark)

Starship Combat Maneuvers[edit source]

Improves starship evasion, starship turn rate, and abilities that use starship combat maneuvers (attack patterns, go down fighting)

Starship Battle Strategy[edit source]

Improves starship crit severity, starship damage resistance, and abilities that use starship battle strategy (attack patterns, tactical initiative)

Captain Skills[edit source]

The significant change here is that each skill in a ship class (cruiser, escort, etc.) provides a benefit to any ship in that class. Previously the Commander+ skills were complete sinks offering nothing once you advanced past that ship. Now each Commander+ skills provides 25% of its stat to any ship of the same class of a higher tier.

Ground Stealth[edit source]

Ground stealth was perfect stealth on a duration, ending early on a combat event. Now it is very similar to space cloaking, in that you can use the stealth module on a toggle for an unlimited time but the stealth isn’t perfect and combat powers are disabled. You can hunt a player down that is using stealth by getting very close, or using abilities like Tricorder Scan and Target Optics. Engineering pets also gained a bit of a perception bonus, so using turrets or drones to hunt an opponent using stealth is valid.

Cannons[edit source]

  • There are no longer any firing restrictions on cannons. (Removed shared cooldown)
  • Weapon power costs now show in weapon tooltips.
  • Increased DHC cost from 5 to 12 power.
  • Increased DC cost from 5 to 8 power.
  • Increased SC cost from 5 to 6 power.
  • Reduced Turret cost from 5 to 4 power.

Rapid Fire[edit source]

  • Rescaled Rapid Fire damage. Previously, all ranks of Rapid Fire were behaving as if they were Rapid Fire 3.
  • Rapid Fire was applying extra damage to Single Cannons, Turrets and Dual Cannons. Dual Heavy Cannons were behaving properly, so all cannons now receive an equivalent boost to Dual Heavy Cannons.

Combined, those two changes above mean Rapid Fire now scales from 30% DPS increase to 40% then 50% for tier 3. Previously, it was 48% for Dual Heavy Cannons and 68% for everything else.

Dual Heavy Cannons[edit source]

Now come with an innate 10% critical severity bonus.

Regenerative shields[edit source]

Increased the capacity on Regenerative shields.

Quantum Torpedoes[edit source]

Buffed basic quantum torpedo damage a bit

Expose and Exploit Global Cooldown[edit source]

Added shared cooldown to all expose secondaries and all exploit secondaries. Expose weapon attacks global coldown with other expose weapon attacks. Exploit weapon attacks global cooldown with other Exploit weapon attacks.

Ground weapon secondary attacks[edit source]

  • Reworked aoe secondaries (max targets and dps). Most were increased.
  • AoE energy blast attack now does more damage but no longer has high shield penetration
  • Reduced multi-taget beam damage.

K’Tanco[edit source]

New Tier 2 Klingon Battle Cruiser
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