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Member/Subjugated Races[edit source]

Personally, I think it is a good idea to list the member species of the Terran Federation/Empire seen throughout the game: Terrans, Vulcans, Trill, Betazoids, Saurians, Benzites and Tellarites. Any opinions? Markonian 22:02, 11 July 2010 (UTC)

Possibility[edit source]

This may not be the "prime" Terran Empire. This may be from the Novel "Dark Mirror" where an alternate 24th century terran empire was encountered, because mirror spock was assassinated. --Gruegirl 06:25, 15 October 2010 (UTC)

Zefram Cochrane?[edit source]


Can someone verify the spelling of Zefram Cochrane within this article? On this page it's Zephrame Chochrane. Elsewhere it's Zefram Cochrane. Thanks --Drmike 00:07, 22 January 2011 (UTC)

Don't worry, it's correct: Zefram Cochrane. Regards, --RachelGarrett 13:29, 22 January 2011 (UTC)
Then it's not correct as this article has it as Zephrame and not Zefram. I was wondering if maybe the game had it as a different spelling for the mirror universe or something else. Wanted to make sure this wasn;t the case before I or someone else went and changed it. Thanks --Drmike 16:28, 22 January 2011 (UTC)

Terran Empire vs. Terran Federation[edit source]

I've replayed three Mirror Universe-centered episodes ( “Tear of the Prophets”, “Crack in the Mirror”, “The Other Side”) and noted that the Terran's state is exclusively called "Terran Federation". If no one objects, I'd like to move this article to this name (with a redirect from Terran Empire). Sincerely, --Markonian 20:22, 12 November 2011 (UTC)

It might be referred to as such in some of the mission dialogue, but the name of the faction itself is 'Terran Empire'. I just took this screenshot now...
Terran empire faction name.png
--Zutty 23:28, 12 November 2011 (UTC)
Okey-dokey. Thanks for the clarification! Terran Empire it is. Regards, --Markonian 08:40, 13 November 2011 (UTC)

Chronological Order[edit source]

Shouldn't the article list all the Terran Empire missions in chronological order? - Mitchz95 13:36, 22 November 2011 (UTC)

Probably. Feel free to edit it. --Zutty 14:19, 22 November 2011 (UTC)
Included the missions involved in chronological order (storyline and patrols separately for clarity). I've not included the Tribble Mirror Event, haven't played it often enough to grasp its content. --Markonian 09:29, 28 November 2011 (UTC)

History: STO Content[edit source]

The history section was shortened by removing the part involving STO missions. I do not understand why and would like to have an explanation, please. --Markonian 18:51, 10 July 2012 (UTC)

I removed only the info about the missions involving the TE in the game. I think they kind of served as spoilers, and shouldn't really be in the "History" section. I guess I should have brought that up here first; I apologize. I've re-added the info under "Missions". - Mitchz95 04:18, 11 July 2012 (UTC)
I see, good idea to give it its own Mission section. --Markonian 04:38, 11 July 2012 (UTC)

Type 8 Shuttlecraft[edit source]

In Tholian Incursion, there's a wrecked Type 8 Shuttlecraft near the Odyssey ship. I think it's a Terran Empire shuttle, but I'm not really sure what to do with it - do Terran Type-8s exist elsewhere in the game, and if not, does it deserve its own article? - Mitchz95 04:41, 18 July 2012 (UTC)