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There is no mathematical cap on accuracy or on defense in STO. There is a limit to what is currently achievable in game but that is not a cap. Acc and Def are dependant stats and only produce a useful value that is used by the game engine when they are compared to each other.

At the common values for defense found in the game, Acc as a stat never loses value and always adds greater amounts of gross damage output than any other stat in the game. This is because at all the common ranges defense is present in greater amounts than accuracy.

At the precise moment that Acc becomes equal to Def, ANY other stat becomes more valuable. Acc overflow into crit chance and crit severity does not equal the amount gained by simply having those stats in the first place.

Acc is not used in the game. Def is not used in the game. ONLY the difference between those two values are. Any discussion on Acc MUST include Def, and any discussion needs to include not only the strategy of adding Acc to a player, but also of removing Def from that players opponent. There are many abilities in the game designed PURELY for the purpose of degrading a target's Def. There are VERY few ways of adding Acc. 16:20, 18 February 2013 (UTC)