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Confused[edit source]

Could someone clarify what a "consumable multiple-use device" is? The terms seem to negate each other. Traditionally, consumables are literally consumed; upon being consumed that same consumable unit can't be used again. Alternatively, multiple-use items aren't typically considered consumables- at least, not in the traditional sense.

Is the paragraph trying to say that it's a consumable that STACKS, like many of the ground items, or deployable turrets do? Is it saying that the Scorpion fighter- if it doesn't get destroyed in one mission, battle, or episode- can be deployed again in a different mission, battle, or episode? Or are scorpion fighters considered "consumable" solely because they slot in to a Devices slots?

Thanks in advance! 04:15, 21 September 2012 (UTC)

I realise its a year later, but I've only joined the Wiki recently. I've clarified the article based on this feedback. Essentially they work like the deployable turrets mentioned above. They stack and cannot be retrieved once deployed.
There seems to be confusion between the consumable version and the non-consumable hanger version. This may be simply that the game has evolved, adding the hanger version, and the wiki hasn't kept up, or it may be confusion between the articles with information being added to one variant which was meant for another.
I've expanded the disambiguation at the top of the article a little, and plan to update the ability in a similar way. The Hanger version seems to be ok, but it could probably use a pointer to this article as well as the ability. I'll look closer at that later.
The final thing was I've added a description of the fighters, which essentially had been removed due to duplication. With the various variants, device, hanger, advanced, elite etc all having different properties (weapon loadout mainly) I believe this information needs to go on the item pages and not on the ability page, since they all basically use the same ability with minor variation. I plan to make that a bit clearer too. If I don't update these tonight, I'll do them tomorrow. Its getting late here, and I'd like to play a bit too :)
--Tahno (talk) 19:31, 25 September 2013 (UTC)