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dmiral (for Federation players) and General (for Klingon faction players) are suggested ranks that cryptic have said will be introduced into season 8 of Star Trek Online. It is said when a player reaches this rank, they will be able to control up to 5 of the ships they own under their active starships,including the ship the player is flying (the primary ship), however this doesn't count for shuttle-craft or fighters. While using 5 ships at a time, the player will have the ability to allocate their remaining spare bridge officers to the other ships they control. Players will also be able to promote their first officer (under Doff Duty assignments) to the rank of captain. the active ships the player chooses will be able to follow and attack the players targets, as well as targeting opponents on their own. The active ships will also have the ability to have weapons and consoles equipped onto them as well. If a Player joins another player forming a team, the leader will be able to select what ships can be set active from each players list, this is similar to ground teaming. When a team is formed the leader will lose a slot out of their active starship list and the invited player who's joining the team will take its place, the leader gets to choose which starship on their active list is removed from the team so the invited player can join. Upon reaching this rank players will also be granted 2 extra weapon slots (1 forward and 1 aft) to their current active ship they choose to fly, when the player switches ships the 2 extra weapon slots will be removed from the ship they were flying and added to the ship they set active, this is not included on shuttle-craft or fighters.

Any offical quote, or just speculation? ####

Oops, above was me, but I fogot to use shift to make the #'s ~'s. Sorry. Live Long And Prosper (talk) 13:34, 2 October 2013 (UTC)

See Upcoming content which has references to official sources. --Tahno (talk) 13:51, 2 October 2013 (UTC)

Discovery Era Ranks[edit source]

I've Added the Discovery Era Rank Images:

Starfleet Ensign

Starfleet Lieutenant

Starfleet Lieutenant Commander

Starfleet Commander

Starfleet Captain

Starfleet Lower Admiral

Starfleet Rear Admiral

Starfleet Vice Admiral

Starfleet Admiral

Starfleet Fleet Admiral

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