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Keep in mind, folks, that this is my first attempt at an STO wiki entry, and that I'm actually still in the middle of the mission... Didn't notice reward statement upon accepting the mission, so I didn't enter any, though once I finish it, I'll add it in...

Was surprised that this one wasn't up here... possibly because it may be difficult to categorize?

Not having finished it yet, I'm not certain that this is an episode mission, or a standalone one... Also not certain what would qualify as the mission directly preceding it... I, for one, received this unexpectedly after finishing "Hide and Seek" and most recently "Scientific Mandate." Was about to start "Patrol the Orion Sector" when my B.O. suddenly popped up with this...

If anybody thinks this Mission should be listed under a different episode, please go for it... Like I said, I'm new here.

Ufpstarfleet 03:05, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

changes[edit source]

Since this doesn't show up in the Episodes or Captain's Log tabs of the journal window, I changed the text so that it doesn't contain the text associated with the “Pico System Distress Call” mission (it was in both places). I think it probably does make sense to leave the list of missions entry for it as is. --Swordmage 07:47, 5 August 2010 (UTC)