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Uhm...I know of a bug in this mission: During the "Cry Havoc" section of the mission, the respawn points were all FUBARed. There were times I died, and respawned at the respawn point BEYOND the point in the section I was at. Furthermore, when I tried to return to where I was at, I was blocked off from the section I was at, so I'd have to leave the area, and start the section ALL OVER AGAIN (Other times, I'd respawn at the beginning of the section, which, while a pain, wasn't as bad). This means that the ONLY way you can make it through there seems to be just not die...which, TBH, if that's the case, I'm completely and utterly screwed... KeeperOfPrecepts (talk) 19:27, 14 September 2013 (UTC)