Takanian syndrome

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Takanian syndrome is a blood disorder caused by a rare virus that attacks the blood cells of some humanoids. The disease was first diagnosed in 2362 on Takan III. In 2409 there is an outbreak of Takanian syndrome on Xarantine ( “Task Force Hippocrates”).

Victims of Takanian syndrome slowly stop producing red blood cells. If left untreated, the disease is always fatal. The treatment is a series of injections administered to the patients over the course of three weeks. The treatment can be uncomfortable, but if given in time, the recovery rate is 100 percent.

A team at Starfleet Medical used the Fabrini cure for xenopolycythemia discovered by Ambassador Spock and Admiral Leonard McCoy in 2268 as the basis for a treatment. Xenopolycythemia and Takanian syndrome are similar in nature. The Vulcan Science Academy is attempting to determine if the two diseases are linked in some way.

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