Tactical Kit - Smoke Grenade

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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.
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The Tactical Kit - Smoke Grenade gives the player the Smoke Grenade I ability.

Tactical Kit - Smoke Grenade Mk I
Common Kit
KDF Tactical Officer, Starfleet Tactical Officer

Smoke Grenade I
Debuff Enemy Perception, Buff Ally Stealth
Creates a cloud of smoke for 12 sec:
To Allies: +415 Stealth
To Foes: -415 Perception
Toe Foes: 2% chance: To Expose
Value: 381 Energy credit icon.png

Vendors[edit | edit source]

Faction FED25.png Ensign Lessa - Earth Spacedock

Faction FED25.png Lieutenant Marrien - Starbase 39

Faction FED25.pngLieutenant Tal Nala - Deep Space K-7

Faction FED25.pngKilta Vrann & Kalti Vrann - Deep Space 9

Faction KDF.pngTok - Ganalda Space Station

Faction KDF.pngB'Eora - First City