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Strategic Secondary Deflectors

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Strategic Secondary Deflectors are Secondary Deflectors that are available for requisition through the Fleet Research Lab. Strategic Secondary Deflector variants are outfitted with either Accuracy, Defense or Energy Weapon Damage bonuses, which are only available from a Fleet Research Lab. They are otherwise identical to standard Secondary Deflectors.

As with all Fleet Holdings, you can get yourself invited to a different fleet's Research Lab that is already upgraded to Tier III if your own fleet is lacking that particular upgrade.

Types[edit | edit source]

Main article: Secondary Deflector

Strategic Secondary Deflectors function the same as standard secondary deflectors, but are some of the only ones obtainable already at Ultra Rare quality; most other secondary deflectors need to be upgraded to reach that level. The difference lies in their available mods (see below)

These secondary deflectors each cost 10,000 Fleet Credits 7,300 Refined dilithium icon.png.

Modifier combination options[edit | edit source]

  • Research Lab Research Facilities Tier I is required to purchase the [Def] secondary deflectors.
  • Research Lab Research Facilities Tier II is required to purchase the [Acc] secondary deflectors.
  • Research Lab Research Facilities Tier III is required to purchase the [EnDmg] secondary deflectors.

Each Strategic Secondary Deflector has:

  • One of [Acc], [Def], or [EnDmg]
  • One of [SA +Dmg], [SA +Heal], or [-Recharge] ([SA -Def] and [+Chance] are not available)
  • Two standard modifiers (of which [CtrlX] can appear twice, but the others cannot)

Thus there are a total of 396 options: 3 (Inhibiting/Deteriorating/Resonating) × 3 ([Acc]/[Def]/[EnDmg]) × 44

Store order[edit | edit source]

Tier I Options   Tier II Options   Tier III Options
Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4 Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4 Mod 1 Mod 2 Mod 3 Mod 4
[CtrlX]x2 [Def] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX]x2 [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX]x2 [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg]
[CtrlX] [Def] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [CtrlX] [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap]
[CtrlX] [Def] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg]
[CtrlX] [Def] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Dmg]
[CtrlX] [Def] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap]
[Def] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShCap]
[Def] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [EnDmg] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX]x2 [Def] [-Recharge] [CtrlX]x2 [Acc] [-Recharge] [CtrlX]x2 [EnDmg]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [EPG] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [EPG] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [EPG]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Def] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [Acc] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [HullCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [EPG] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [EPG] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [EPG] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [ShCap] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [Def] [HullCap] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [HullCap] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [ShCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [EPG]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [Def] [DrainX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [DrainX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [HullCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [EPG] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [EPG] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [EPG] [ShdHeal]
[-Recharge] [Def] [EPG] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] [EPG] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [EPG] [HullCap]
[-Recharge] [Def] [HullCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] [HullCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [ShdHeal]
[CtrlX]x2 [Def] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX]x2 [Acc] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX]x2 [EnDmg] [SA +Heal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Heal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Heal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]
[CtrlX] [Def] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [CtrlX] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShCap]
[Def] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShCap] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShCap]
[Def] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [Acc] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [EnDmg] [DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]
[Def] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [EnDmg] [EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal]
[Def] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [Acc] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal] [EnDmg] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [ShdHeal]

Sortable order[edit | edit source]

In this table, the mods have been reordered by rarity, with the standard mods occupying the first two spots, the Very Rare mod occupying the third, and the Strategic-only mod occupying the forth. [CtrlX]x2 was split into two separate [CtrlX] for sorting purposes.

Uncommon Mod Rare Mod Very Rare Mod Stratetic Mod
[CtrlX] [CtrlX] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [DrainX] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[ShCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Dmg] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [CtrlX] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[ShCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [EPG] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [HullCap] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShdHeal] [-Recharge] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [CtrlX] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [DrainX] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[CtrlX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[ShCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [EPG] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[DrainX] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[EPG] [HullCap] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]
[HullCap] [ShdHeal] [SA +Heal] [Acc] / [Def] / [EnDmg]

Secondary Deflector modifiers[edit source]

Like standard Deflectors, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Epic Secondary Deflectors gain additional modifiers, however these items also gain a single special enhancement at Very Rare rarity. The amount the skill is boosted at a given Mk level seems to be about 14/15, or halfway between what a primary deflector gets innately, and what it gets from a mod. It is possible for a Secondary Deflector to have the same modifier more than once, up to a max of 3 times (at Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare). The following are examples of Deflector modifiers:

Modifier Effect
[CtrlX] +X Starship Control Expertise
[DrainX] +X Starship Drain Expertise
[ShdHeal] +X Starship Shield Restoration
[EPG] +X Starship Exotic Particle Generator
[HullCap] +X Starship Hull Capacity
[ShCap] +X Starship Shield Capacity
Very Rare
[SA -Def] Sensor Analysis (-Defense):
The enemy target of your Sensor Analysis ability will also receive a Defense debuff that increases in effectiveness the longer you have the target under the effect of that ability. The debuff is -2% per stack, up to a maximum of -12% at six stacks.
[SA +Heal] Sensor Analysis (+Heal):
Improves the healing buff of Sensor Analysis when used on a friendly target by 20%.
[SA +Dmg] Sensor Analysis (+Damage):
Improves the damage buff of Sensor Analysis when used on an enemy target by 20%.
[+Chance] Precision Sub-System Targeting:
Improves the chance for Subsystem Targeting abilities to knock a subsystem offline by 25%.
[-Recharge] Accelerated Sub-System Targeting:
Reduces the recharge time of Subsystem Targeting abilities by 25%.
Fleet Strategic Secondary Deflectors only
[Acc] +Y Accuracy Rating
[Def] +Y Defense Rating
[EnDmg] +Y% Energy Weapon Damage
[EPG/ShdHeal] +X×2/3 Exotic Particle Generator
+X×2/3 Starship Shield Restoration
Mark level of item X [1] Y
Mk I 2.8  
Mk II 3.8  
Mk III 4.7  
Mk IV 5.6  
Mk V 6.6  
Mk VI 7.5  
Mk VII 8.4  
Mk VIII 9.4  
Mk IX 10.3  
Mk X 11.2  
Mk XI 12.2  
Mk XII 13.1 5.2
Mk XIII 14.1 5.6
Mk XIV 15 6
  1. X = (Mk + 2) * 0.9375

List of Fleet holdings
Image Name (Added) Departments Tiers Purchasable item category Location
Fleet Starbases.jpg Starbase
(July 12, 2012)
5 Ship Weapons, Ship Shields
Deflectors, Impulse Engines
Ground Weapons, Personal Shields, Elite Carrier Pets
Aldebaran title=Federation only
& Archanis title=Klingon only Sectors
Fleet Embassy interior.jpg Embassy
(November 13, 2012)
3 Weapon Signature Nullifiers and Amplifiers
Romulan Kit Frames and Modules, Consumables, DOff Assignment Slots
Romulan Bridge Officers
New Romulus
Fleet Dilithium Mine.jpg Dilithium Mine
(June 20, 2013)
3 Fleet Warp Cores/Fleet Singularity Cores and Miner DOffs
Advanced Engineering Armor Consoles/Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles
Bajor Sector
Fleet Spire.jpg Spire
(November 12, 2013)
3 Plasma-Integrated Warp Cores/Thoron-Infused Singularity Cores Advanced Tactical Vulnerability Consoles, Spire Carrier Pets, Voth duty officers
Spire Experimental and Prototype Kit Frames and Modules
Solanae Dyson Sphere
Fleet Research Lab.jpg Research Lab
(July 16, 2015)
3 Versatile Kit Frames and Profession-Specific Modules
Strategic Secondary Deflectors, Particle Focuser Science Consoles
Additional slots for traits and R&D projects, Krenim BOffs and DOffs
Alsuran Sector
K-13.jpg K-13
(October 25, 2016)
3 23rd Century Ground Weapons, Space Weapons
23rd Century BOffs, DOffs, Training Manuals, Kit Modules
Trait Enhancements
Xenotech Engineering Consoles
Draconis Sector
150px Colony World
(October, 2017)
Renewable Energy
5 Lukari & Kentari Themed Ground Weapons, Space Weapons
Lukari/Kentari BOffs, Consoles, Deflectors, Warp Cores, Kits, Kit Modules
Antos Sector