Sterling Renard

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Sterling Renard
Security Officer — Ground
[GR] Increased melee Crit Chance & Severity
"Doesn't ANYBODY read Bulletin #1147?!"
  • Faction: Faction Khitomer.png Cross-Faction
  • Quality: Rare
  • Species: Vorta
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
              Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Department: Doff dept Starfleet Security.png Security
  • Specialization: Security Officer
    All Melee Attacks (including Rifle Butts, etc) have an additional 6% chance to inflict a Critical Hit. Also increases melee Crit Severity by 20%.

    +6% Crit Chance when using Melee Attacks
    +20% Crit Severity when using Melee Attacks
  • Traits


  • This duty officer is one of the Temporal duty officers awarded for a critical success in completing a Temporal Beacon duty officer mission.
  • This duty officer is a reference to the Desmond Warzel short story 'Wikihistory' [1].
  • This duty officer is probably from the 31st century, as he wears a Temporal Jumpsuit.