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Overview[edit | edit source]

Players are able to utilize various different types of starship equipment for use in space combat. The equipment chosen will have an effect on how the player's starship will perform. The correct choice of equipment could be the difference between success and failure.

You may also find these items in space combat as loot. You may choose to either keep and equip them, trade them to other players that need them, or sell them on the exchange. Note that Bound items cannot be sold on the Exchange or traded with other players.

Warp Core[edit | edit source]

Matter Anti-Matter Warp Core icon.png Singularity Warp Core icon.png

Warp Cores affect sector-space movement speed and confer certain power bonuses. Federation and Klingon ships use Matter/Anti-Matter cores, while Romulan vessels sport Singularity Cores.

See Warp Core for more information.

Deflector Dish[edit | edit source]

Schematic Deflector Array icon.png

Deflector Dishes boost various Science-based skills, and some Engineering-based skills, depending on the type of Deflector Dish.

See Deflector Dish for more information.

Secondary Deflector[edit | edit source]

Secondary Deflectors, like their Deflector Dish counterparts, boost various Science-based skills, depending on the type of Secondary Deflector.

See Secondary Deflector for more information.

Impulse Engines[edit | edit source]

Schematic Impulse Engine icon.png

Impulse Engines determine a starship's normal flight speed, turn rate, and full impulse speed, based on the base statistics of the ship it is equipped on. Different variants can provide different speeds depending on Engine Power.

See Impulse Engine for more information.

Shield Arrays[edit | edit source]

Schematic Shield Array icon.png

Ship Shields protect your starship against incoming attacks. Different shield variants have differences in capacities, regeneration, and how much damage they let through.

See Ship Shields for more information.

Ship Devices[edit | edit source]

Auxiliary Battery icon.png
Common icon.png

Ship Devices allow for an ability to be operated independently of player and bridge abilities. These can be either consumable or permanent.

See Ship Device for more information.

Ship Weapons[edit | edit source]

Schematic Beam Array icon.png

Ship Weapons are the main offensive tools on a starship. They are divided into three categories: Energy Beam weapons, Energy Cannon Weapons and Kinetic.

See Ship Weapon for more information.

Consoles[edit | edit source]

Schematic Console icon.png

Consoles are items that boost various ship systems and abilities. These are divided into 4 sub-categories.

  • Tactical Consoles improve your starships ability to attack with weapons, be it energy based (cannons, beams) or kinetic based (torpedoes, mines).
  • Engineering Consoles improves starship's performance capabilities, including bonus power output, damage resistance, and repair ability bonuses.

See Console for more information.

Carrier Pets[edit | edit source]

Schematic Shuttlecraft - Delta Flyer icon.png

Carrier Pets are small, lightweight vessels that can be deployed from ships with hangar bays.

Most are extremely agile, and many have different roles, such as direct damage dealing, debuffing, or supporting friendly vessels. They operate in large numbers, but due to their weak shields and hull, they are easily dispatched.

Whist not individually controlled, players can dispatch orders and commands though the use of carrier commands, which is available on any ship capable of deploying carrier pets.

See Carrier Pets for more information.

Starship Components
Deflectors Regular: StandardGravitonPositronTachyonNeutrino
Special: NeodymiumTal Shiar Tachyon
Set: Aegis GravitonAssimilated(Breen) Polarized ParabolicCounter-CommandDelta AllianceDysonHonor Guard PositronIconian ResistanceJem'HadarKobaliM.A.C.O. GravitonNukaraOmega Force TachyonQuantum PhaseReman PrototypeRomulan PrototypeSol DefenseSolanaeTerran Task Force
Fleet: Fleet Deflector Array
Secondary Deflectors Regular: DeterioratingInhibitingResonating
Set: Solanae
Fleet: Strategic Secondary Deflectors
Impulse Engines Regular: StandardCombatHyper
Special: EfficientCombat HyperDynamic ReroutePrototype Gravitic ModulationTetryon-Plasma (small craft)
Set: Aegis HyperAssimilated Subtranswarp (Standard)(Breen) Supercooled CombatCounter-Command HyperDelta Alliance Hyper-EfficientDyson CombatHonor Guard (Combat)Iconian Resistance HyperJem'Hadar CombatKobali HyperM.A.C.O. StandardNukaraOmega Force HyperQuantum Phase CombatReman Prototype (Combat)Romulan PrototypeSol DefenseSolanae Hyper-EfficientTerran Task Force
Fleet: Fleet Engines
Warp Cores
Regular: StandardDeuterium-StabilizedField StabilizingHyper InjectionOverchargedPlasma-Integrated
Special: Tal Shiar Adapted Borg(Jem'Hadar) Standard
Set: (Breen) Cryoplasma InfusedCounter-Command Hyper InjectionDelta Alliance TrajectorDyson Field StabilizingIconian Resistance Hyper InjectionKobali Field StabilizingObelisk Subspace RiftSolanae OverchargedTemporal Phase OverchargedTerran Task Force Quantum Capacitor
Fleet: Fleet Warp Cores
Warp Cores
Regular: StandardField StabilizingHyper InjectionOverchargedPlasma-IntegratedThoron-Infused
Special: Dual Injection
Set: (Breen) Cryoplasma InfusedCounter-Command Hyper InjectionDelta Alliance TrajectorDyson Field StabilizingIconian Resistance Hyper InjectionKobali Field StabilizingSolanae OverchargedTemporal Phase OverchargedTerran Task Force Quantum Capacitor
Fleet: Fleet Singularity Cores
Shield Arrays Regular: StandardCovariantRegenerativeResilient
Special: Hyper-CapacitorMetaphasic (small craft)Numiri RegenerativeParatrinic
Set: Aegis CovariantAssimilated Regenerative(Breen) Dielectric Oscillation ResilientCounter-Command CovariantDelta Alliance UnimatrixDyson RegenerativeHonor Guard CovariantIconian Resistance ResilientJem'Hadar ResilientKobali RegenerativeM.A.C.O. ResilientNukara Crystalline ResilientOmega Force StandardQuantum Phase ResilientReman Prototype CovariantRomulan Prototype CovariantSol Defense CovariantSolanae ResilientTerran Task Force
Fleet: Fleet Space Shields
Ship Weapons Regular: Beam ArrayDual Beam BankTurretCannonDual CannonsDual Heavy CannonsQuad CannonsTorpedo LauncherMine LauncherMissile
Fleet: Fleet Space Weapons
Devices Consumable: BatteriesDeuterium SurplusDewan Herbal Life Support AdditiveHargh'peng Torpedo LauncherPrototype Ablative Jevonite HardpointsSatellite Turrets and Torpedo PlatformsScorpion Fighters
Permanent: Nimbus Pirate Distress CallNon-combat petsRed Matter CapacitorSubspace Field ModulatorTemporal NegotiatorDelta Alliance Reinforcements Beacon
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